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Tacho Pro 2008 Tacho Univesal Plus UDP Universal Dash Programmer July Never Lock

Tacho Pro 2008 Tacho Univesal Plus UDP Universal Dash Programmer July Never Lock

Latest price:US$199.00
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  • Item No. SM21-B

Tacho Pro 2008 is the most sold programming-device for digital speedometers worldwide. The system is a high-quality tool, which offers a maximum of flexibility and working comfort despite simplest operation. You can serve almost any vehicle with the Tacho Universal.

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by Mr.Sean Deal on Mar 13, 2018
Will this work for a 2000 Nissan Frontier
by Mr.Thuong Nguyen on Jul 17, 2016
Thanks and Best Regards !
Replied by Cathy on Jul 19, 2016
Good day!
Thank you for your visit on our website.
Any further questions please feel free to contact us.
Best regards!
by Mr.tacho pro on Oct 4, 2015
hello does some models and years plug in to diagnose plug and does some plug in to the back cluster and is there more ways to reprogram miles
Replied by Cathy on Oct 7, 2015
Dear Sir,

Sorry for the delay. The machine will show the ways to connect to reprogram miles when you select the car model for you.
Usually it needs to plug in diagnose plug and sometimes needs to disassemble the dashboard for mileage reprogramming.

Best regards,
by Tony on Sep 10, 2015
I just get tacho, thank you.
Replied by Cathy on Sep 10, 2015
Dear Sir,
Yes, great to hear that.
Best regards,
by Theodore on Sep 1, 2015
I am interested in tacho pro machine, here I have some questions:

Do u have in stock or waiting for order
How many day for ship to us?
Now u still have digi master 2?

Looking forward for quick response.

Thank you

Replied by Cathy on Sep 1, 2015
Dear Sir,

Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, it is in stock, takes 3-7 days to US by DHL delivery service.

We don't have  digi master 2 anymore. digi master 2 is out of production at present.

Best regards,

by pablo espinosa on Mar 22, 2015
Hola mi consulta es como se hace para hacer la actualizacion del tacho pro??,,gracias
Replied by Nancy on Mar 22, 2015
Dear Mr.pablo espinosa:

Hello,thank you for your question,the version is still v2008, we don't have newer version about it.

Kind regards,
by Mr.veale on Dec 4, 2014
This product does not work and comes with no instructions worthless peice of junk.If you want to throw your money away your better off playing the lottery
Replied by Nancy on Dec 4, 2014
Dear Mr.veale:

This device has manual in the disc and it's for old  cars before 2008 ,better work on European cars, most of the European customers bought it and work ok.

Kind regards,
by Mr.SUIZE on Dec 3, 2014
i have a golf 4 2002, can i use this tacho pro to change the mileage via obd port? or other way?what about digiprog 3? this one is available?
Replied by Nancy on Dec 3, 2014
Dear Mr.SUIZE:

Hello,your car is belong to old models. For obd port, only can work on part cars which is not very old. Your car need to remove the chip from dashboard and choose the cable which screen prompt to connect your car and the device, both the same way for tacho pro and digiprog 3. Screen will prompt you the chip and cable name.
Kind regards,
by Mr.Joseph T Calhoon on Oct 28, 2014
what is the difference between the Tacho Pro 2008 Tacho Univesal Plus UDP Universal Dash Programmer July Never Lock for $164.00 - and the Tacho Univesal Tacho Pro 2008 Plus Universal Dash Programmer July Version Never Lock for $175.00
they seem the same but I think the second one is updateable. what's the difference?
thanks for your help.
Replied by Nancy on Oct 30, 2014
Dear Mr.Joseph T Calhoon:

Hello,thank you for your inquiry.Both of them can't update.
The difference is that they come from different suppliers.

Kind regards,
by Mr.wassrli on Mar 4, 2014
can you ship it to Brazil
Replied by Nancy on Mar 4, 2014
Dear Mr.wassrli:

Hello,sure, we could ship it to you by DHL.

kind regards,
by Mr.Alex on Feb 11, 2014
Does it need password when the Tacho pro 2008 power on?
Replied by Nancy on Feb 11, 2014
Dear Mr.Alex :

Hi,dear friend

No, it doesn't need password

Thank  you and best regards

by Mr.James on Jan 15, 2014
Which year range can this tool do please ?
Replied by Nancy on Jan 15, 2014
Dear Mr.James:

Hello,It can do cars before 2007 ,please be noted .

Kind regards,
by Mr.Gilerban on Dec 31, 2013
Hello,does it need password ?
Replied by Nancy on Dec 31, 2013
Deae Mr.Gilerban:

Hello,no,it doesn't need password.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Simon on Dec 25, 2013
Hi,what about he warranty
Replied by Nancy on Dec 25, 2013
Dear Mr.Simon:

Hello,we provide it with one year warranty.

kind regards,
by Mr.jeremy on Dec 18, 2013
Does the package contain all cables ?
Replied by Nancy on Dec 18, 2013
Dear Mr.jeremy:

Hello,yes, it contains all cables.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Bossi on Dec 9, 2013
i received it last weekend ,it works very good.I'll buy from you next time.Thank you.
by Mr.Daniel on Dec 9, 2013
Can Tacho Pro 2008 July version change mileage for Mercedes Benz truck?
Replied by Nancy on Dec 9, 2013
Dear Mr.Daniel:

No, it can't, Tacho Pro 2008 can't work with truck.

Kind regards,

by Mr.sami on Nov 25, 2013
Does it need password while using?
Replied by Nancy on Nov 25, 2013
Dear Mr.sami:

hello, there is no password needed when you use Tacho Pro.

Kind regards,
by Mr.paulo silva on Nov 12, 2013
ola amigos este equipamento trabalha em renault.
Replied by Nancy on Nov 12, 2013
Dear Mr.paulo silva:

Hello,thank you for your inquiry, yes ,it supports Renault.

Kind regards,
by Mr.paulo silva on Nov 12, 2013
ola amigos este equipamento trabalha em renault.
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