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V2019.12 MB SD Connect C4 Star Diagnostic Tool with Wifi HDD Updatable for Cars/ Truck

V2019.12 MB SD Connect C4 Star Diagnostic Tool with Wifi HDD Updatable for Cars/ Truck

Latest price:US$699.00
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  • Item No. SP100-D
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MB SD Connect Compact 4 reads and erase DTCs,reads the real-time data of sensor and actuator and supports coding and programming.
Software version: V2019.12, Firmware version : OS: 2.3.20130523 CSD:2.11
With wifi, supports K line, CAN BUS and UDS protocol.
Support multi-languages.
Cover 1989~ up to now Mercedes Benz Car, Bus, Truck, Sprint and Smart.

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by Mr.manuel fabregas marmol on Jan 26, 2014
quiero saber si el multiplexor cd conecta de MB viene con la tarjeta del WIFI con las baterĂ­as

Replied by Irene on Feb 11, 2014
Hello, Dear Sir,

Yes, this MB SD C4 comes with wifi, but without batteries.

Best regards,
by Mr.Yard on Jan 15, 2014
Now the new version is 2013.11?
Replied by Nancy on Jan 15, 2014
Dear Mr.Yard:

Kind regards,
by Mr.Welin on Jan 13, 2014
I want to buy Mb sd c4 prpduced by YANHUA ,but it's out of stock ,Is this one also in good quality?
Replied by Nancy on Jan 13, 2014
Dear Mr.Welin :

Hello,yes, this one is also good quality and sells well.

kind regards,
by Mr.Hinoto on Jan 13, 2014
Hi, what's the difference between this one and the mb star c4?
Replied by Nancy on Jan 13, 2014
Dear Mr.Hinoto:

Hello,this one has wifi while Mb star c4 doesn't have ,their functions are similar.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Milankovic on Jan 9, 2014
Ist in diesem Preis von 529$ der 2013.11 MB SD Compact 4 Latest Software External HDD oder der 2013.11 MB SD Compact 4 Latest Software Dell D630 HDD inbegriffen? oder ist es seperat?
Replied by Nancy on Jan 9, 2014
Dear Mr.Milankovic:

Hello,this product includes the hdd, you  can choose the specification then we will send the mb sd compact 4 and the 2013.11 Software Dell D630 HDD together to you.

Kind regards,
by Mr.mario silva on Dec 30, 2013
hi , have invoice comercial to my firm?
Replied by Nancy on Dec 30, 2013
Dear Mr.mario silva:

Hello,if you need one we can send you commercial invoice.

Kind reggards,
by Mr.Mario silva on Dec 30, 2013
I wonder if it works with 24V trucks and comes with the sternum HDD with activated programs? The software works with FDOK Calculator?i have Panasonic CF-52 , thanks
Replied by Nancy on Dec 30, 2013
Dear Mr.Mario silva:

Hello,thank you for your inquiry.This item doesn't support the 24V trucks and it includes the  HDD.
The software doesn't works with FDOK calculator.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Thomas on Dec 19, 2013
Hi, I received the product, thank you.
by Mr.jerssel on Dec 12, 2013
when I setup SD compact 4 disk, one dialog box appears reading "No access authorization code! Please contact the Star diagnosis call center" as the following picture shows, how to do?
Replied by Nancy on Dec 12, 2013
Dear Mr.jerssel:

Hello,that's because you didn’t active it, just send us activation ID and we will help you activate, then this dialogbox disappears.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Stefan on Dec 8, 2013
Hallo, ist der von Hersteller: Yanhua ?

Replied by Nancy on Dec 8, 2013
Dear Mr.Stefan:

Hello,thank you for your inquiry.This one doesn't produced by YANHUA,YANHUA MB SD Connect Compact C4 is tockout for the time being:

Kind regards,
by Mr.sanchez urbina on Nov 22, 2013
hello, it is a good item, recommend one, my device and software well work
by Mr.Carado on Sep 27, 2013
thank you for your help!now it works fine
by Mr.Idlir on Aug 29, 2013
Hello. I need to know if this product can be used on any laptop or only IBM...thank you
Replied by Nancy on Aug 29, 2013
Dear Mr.Idlir:
thank you for your inquiry!
hello,kindly note this tool cannot work on IBM T30 laptop.
the laptop depends on which HDD(software) you choose,
if you choose Dell d630 HDD ,then it has to work with dell d630 laptop.
if you choose External HDD,any laptop is ok.

kind regards,
by Mr.steven on Aug 9, 2013
Is it the new version?
Replied by lee on Aug 9, 2013
Dear Sir,

Thanks for your message. This item is the newest version 2013,07.

Best regards.

by Mr.Roy on Jul 30, 2013
Does it suppot Japanese?
Replied by lee on Jul 30, 2013
Dear Sir,

It supports more than 21 language. And it can support Japanese.

Best regards.

by Mr.Mark on Jul 29, 2013
what type computer does it support?
Replied by lee on Jul 29, 2013
Dear Sir,

It can not use on IBM T30 laptop. Please choose between Dell d630 HDD and External HDD. Package including software and hardware.

I hope it can help you.

Best regards.

by Mr.Bronw on Jul 21, 2013
I have one levono laptop, i will choose the external hard disk, right?
Replied by Nancy on Jul 21, 2013
Dear Bronw:
Yes, you can choose the external hard disk,SS107-S5,
or Dell D630 HDD,SS107-D5.
Kind regards.
by Mr.Farinha on Jul 21, 2013
install the software on another laptop and it works well, thank you for your kind tech support, say thanks to your tech.
Replied by Nancy on Jul 21, 2013
Dear Farinha :
Thank you for your comment,We're glad to hear that.
Wish you a good day!
Kind regards.

by Mr.Gabrille on Jul 14, 2013
Replied by Erin on Jul 14, 2013
dear Gabrille:
MB SD C4 is better than C3,or you can buy SUPER  MB STAR C3
by Ms.XAVIER BELFROY on Jul 8, 2013
The device is equipped with a wifi adapter? Thank you
Replied by caihonghong on Jul 8, 2013

Dear friend ,

Thank for visiting our website

Yes ,it has wifi adapter . We also have another Item No.SP100 , which is better quality,and  the latest version is 2013.03 .You may check both of them and choose one .

Best regards & thanks

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