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V2.27 Available VCI 2 SDP3 for Scania Truck Diagnostic Tool Newest Version(buy SH58 instead)

V2.27 Available VCI 2 SDP3 for Scania Truck Diagnostic Tool Newest Version(buy SH58 instead)

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Scania VCI 2 replaces older Scania VCI i. It is used togerther with Scania Diagnosis and Programmer 3 (SDP3) software to diagnose latest Scania trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles.

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by Mr.allen gilbert on Jan 20, 2015
Hello,I received the package ,thank you.
by Mr.Andreas meter on Dec 30, 2014
Hello, how long can it be used ,do I need to activate after one year
Replied by Nancy on Dec 30, 2014
Dear Mr.Andreas meter :

Hello,it doesn't need to activate after one year,you can use it without time limitation.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Simon on Oct 22, 2014
I will refer to you as a good shop with fast delivery and good service. Thank you for your help!
by Mr.Glen on Sep 12, 2014
Hello, i have purchased two scania scanner, one 2.15, one 2.16, i want to update them now, should i buy two pces 2.17 software? or can i only buy one can used on this two version?
Replied by Nancy on Sep 12, 2014
Dear Glen:

You can buy one 2.17 software and used on this two version. For 2.16 version, its dongle can be used on 2.17software, 2.15 does not have dongle. So you can copy 2.17 software to 2.16 version, and use this 2.17 software dongle on 2.15 version. Thus both this two can be used 2.17 now. 

Kind regards,
by Mr.Tek on Sep 5, 2014
Hello,we've received the package, thank you.
by Mr.ridhwan on Aug 22, 2014
in market there is new version of software did you have the latest version? i think v2.19.. tq
Replied by Nancy on Aug 24, 2014
Dear Mr.ridhwan:

Hello,sorry now our scania vci's new version is V2.17 version,we haven't had newer version for the time being.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Kenro on Jul 30, 2014
Is the scania vci software compatible with my computer with win7 system?
Replied by Nancy on Jul 30, 2014
Dear Mr.Kenro:

Hello,thank you very much for your message, but we are sorry  this product is only compatible with xp system. 
Kind regards,
by Mr.gingar on Jul 15, 2014
Hello,could you please add this item to the PI?
Replied #1. by Nancy on Jul 15, 2014
Dear Mr.gingar:

Hello,ok we will add to the PI.

Kind regards,
Replied #2. by Nancy on Jul 15, 2014
Dear Mr.gingar:

Hello,ok we will add to the PI.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Glen on Jun 20, 2014
nice job for 2.17 version. no need activation, software fit laptop and work smoothly, no any error code, fast diagnose speed, get any information for your vehicle
by Mr.Faerno on May 27, 2014
Finally I got thenew sofftware installed and works thanks for help.
by Mr.Krin on May 27, 2014
Hello,I received the Scania VCI 2 SDP3 V2.17 ,thank you!
by Mr.Marus on Apr 22, 2014
the new software, i do not need to buy the new dongle any more?
Replied by Nancy on Apr 22, 2014
Dear Mr.Marus:

Hello,yes, it doesn'r need the dongle any more.

Kind regards,
by Mr.can on Jan 7, 2014
How many days does it take to ship via dhl
Replied by Nancy on Jan 7, 2014
Dear Mr can:

Hello,it usually rtakes 3-5 working days toarrive to you by DHL.

Kind regards,
by Mr.HAMER on Jan 2, 2014
Does it need to activate before using?
Replied by Nancy on Jan 2, 2014
Dear Mr.HAMER:

Hello,no,it does't need to activate before using.

kind regards,
by Mr.Antornio on Dec 17, 2013
Could you please send a pi to me, i want to buy one,thank you.
Replied by Nancy on Dec 17, 2013
Dear Mr.Antornio:

Hello,thank you for your inquiry.
Could you give me your shipping adress?Thank you.

Kind regards,
by Scanie on Dec 10, 2013
I wonder the year of the car it covers.
Replied by Nancy on Dec 10, 2013
Dear Scanie:

Hello,It can work with cars till 2012 .

Kind regards,
by Mr.Chris on Dec 3, 2013
I'd like to know if comes the software, cables ans usb key for industrial and marine engines?
Replied by Nancy on Dec 4, 2013
Dear Mr.Chris:

Hello,Yes, it will come with software, cables and USB key. You can check the pictures on our website, it shows you all the information.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Lukasz K. on Nov 29, 2013
everything is ok. thank u.
by tpojg on Aug 8, 2012
Hi, I wonder why there is only one usb key now, there were two keys for two version software v2.9.0 and v2.4.0 before.
Replied by jane on Aug 8, 2012
Hi, now, we just need one usb key, because the two version software v2.9.0 and v2.4.0 can be compatible with each other. There is no need to use two usb keys.
by gyiuyih on Aug 7, 2012
When using this item, we should install according to the instruction, otherwise, it may occur to such errors: USB KEY NOT CONNECTED or USB BATTERY LOW, H0007 USB ERROR
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