Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 All Systems Scanner technical support

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(Ship From US,No Tax)Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 full Systems Scanner with Data Stream (including MD701,MD702,MD703 and MD704)

(Ship From US,No Tax)Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 full Systems Scanner with Data Stream (including MD701,MD702,MD703 and MD704)

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Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 Full System with Data Stream is the most advanced and multifunctional scan tools powered by its exclusive technology, are designed for technicians to troubleshoot either the basic four systems or all the systems for most of major vehicles on the road today. This new diagnostic platform delivers fast and easy diagnostics at the right price.
Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 All Systems Scanner technical support
1.FAQ Autel MD802 Code Scanner:
Q1: Does this tool include the 38 pin mercedes benz adapter, 20pin BMW, 14 pin Nissan, and 16 pin CCD cable?
A1: The Autel MD 802 MaxiDiag does not come with any adpters for any vehicles period. Includes only the OBD2 Cable and printer software CD and manual.
Q2:  Trying to replicate MB transmission temp monitoring in real time. Will this unit monitor ATF fluid temps in real time?
A2:  I have bought this model and used it successfully to monitor the ATF in real time. This was required when flushing the ATF on my Renault Laguna (2002). 
Q3: Will this tool read the abs codes on a 2002 suzuki grand vitara ?
A3: Should read, and clear your ABS codes. 
Q4: will this work on 02 boxster srs and 02 xtype/05 s40 oil change reset?
A4: It shows support for oil reset for Boxster(987). As for Jaguar it has support for: 2010-2014 xk, 2008-20014 xf, 2010-2014 XJ range, 2014 F type. 
Q5: Can this do ECU adaptation/programming and programming for keys like the Autel DS708 and Autel Maxisys Pro M908?
A5: No, it just a scanner. 
Q6: Will it read 2001 honda crv ABS & srs codes?
A6: Yes it reads honda.
Q7:Anyone used the MD802 to troubleshoot & diagnose the SRS system on a 2000 Volvo S70? 
A7: I have not used it on a Volvo. It has worked great on every car that I have used it on so far. Before you buy you might want to be sure that the S70 is available for download on the update website. Hope this helps.
Q8: can you use this on a Toyota tundra 5.7 2007?
A8: Absolutely yes.
2.Customer feedback for Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802

Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 is an auto scanner which can detect all modules for almost all cars after 1998.
It is competitive in all system+ data stream function than other similar tools with same price. Check following reviews and find out if it’s as advertised or not.

Best scanner I’ve ever had. It scanned 40 modules on my W220 Mercedes S-class. It can’t do any changes, but can read absolutely anything.

This is a must tool if you have different cars and like to keep up on their performance.
I am not a mechanic and have used this to diagnose issues on family vehicles: 3 Volvo and 1 VW.
This works great on them all and let me know what is going on with the cars prior to sending them off to the shop.

Bought Autel MD802 to read SRS codes on 03 KIA optima, it deleted old codes with no issues.
Also on 04 Explorer with door ajar chime going off continuously, it told me what door sensor was faulty, saving a lot of time.

I have used this on several different makes: Ford, Lexus, Acura, Nissan, Chevrolet and a few others.
For the money this thing is amazing. Update was easy. Autel MD802 Elite reads a lot of information worth every penny.

Does exactly what it says it will do. Bought it primarily to check and reset air bag light on Volvo. It will read all engine and body codes as advertised.

I got this scanner for my garages and it was more than what I expected it has awesome quality in the screen and
easy to use and works great on all vehicles
 I recommend this item for small garages or even huge dealerships.

I recommend this tool. Last week my 2007 BMW 335i overheated on the freeway. Rental trailer $60, Autel MD802 $300,
water pump and thermostat $495, avoiding the dealership service department. Saved me well over $1000!

Great scanner works great for W204 and W212 Mercedes and displays all codes from the vehicle and the live data is a nice feature.
Now I use this scanner for a long time and it is a great piece for my garage.

Very good scanner for whether you are Pro or DIY. I’m impressed with the quality and the ease of use. I showed it to my mechanic
he thought he might purchase one also. He mentioned it analyzes some autos that professional analyzer won’t do.

I used Actron scanners mostly before, but now I will be using Autel. I have mostly used it on GMs, theAutel MD802 access all the
modules on the vehicle and bring me so much info that I could never see with my Actrons.

I will give it 4 out of 5 stars for a little slow because it does a complete array of scanning (transmission and body control modules,
as well as ABS). I am using only about 50% of its capabilities, but I am satisfied.

Surprise! This scanner does pretty much everything the OTC does, you know OTC Genesys cost more than $3k. I would recommend this to anyone.

Full System, All System, Four System, what is it!!! I read the reviews online and bought one Maxidiag MD802. I’ve used it to scan and
clear codes on a 99 Neon, to scan and collect live (driving down the road) data on 07 GMC Yukon, and attempt to scan 05 Chrysler Crossfire.
The Crossfire is supposed to require equipment that only some authorized dealers have, but I got a basic scan. What the machine told me matched well with
known information for the Neon and Yukon.

3.How Autel MD802 turn off Nissan Micra airbag light?

AUTEL MaxiDiag Elite MD802 is all System+ data stream scan tool for engine, transmission, ABS and airbag fault codes.
It support wide range car brands and is easy to use. This blog will show you how to turn off Nissan Micra airbag light in 2 steps.


Step1. Start Autel MD802. Choose “Scan”→ “Asian”→ “Nissan”→ “Control Unit”→ “Airbag”. Please wait a second.


Step2. Now choose “Read Code” and you can see the exact fault code. Or you can directly choose “Erase Code”.


Then make sure ignition on and engine stopped.


It will remind you “DTCs and freeze data will be lost”. Choose “Yes” to continue.


Now MaxiDiag Elite MD802 erase airbag fault code and turn off airbag light for Nissan Micra successfully.


4.MaxiDiag Elite MD802 VS Maxidas DS708


 Features and Functions

/upload/service/16092673197104.jpg  /upload/service/16092673197024.jpg
  Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 Autel Maxidas DS708 
Reads and clears codes inall available modulesfor all


1996+ Europen, American and Asian vehicles

Deep vehicle system coveragefor all available Electronic Systems
Supports all 5 OBDII protocols and all 10 test models
Crystal clear TFT color screen
USB internet updateable and upgradeable
Graphs, records and play back OBDII live Data
Shows vehicle ID’s and Cal. ID’S and VIN
Bi-Lingual customer service M-F, 6AM – 6PM, PST
Limited One (1) year warranty
Bi-directional coverage for all available modules  
Coding and Modules set ups  
Immobilizer and key coding functions  
Component activation testing  
Captures, saves and printsscreenshots for convenient troubleshooting  
Remote display and Control forconvenient demonstration and training  
Display live data in text, graphand analog for easy data review  
Wi-fi Capability for updates and printing  
Internet explorer bringson-line resources of your choice  
Data logging allows quickand accurate technical support  
O.E style menus and function  
Large 7 inch 800*800 PixelTFT crystal clear color display