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BMW ICOM A3+B+C+D Diagnostic Tool technical support

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BMW ICOM A3+B+C+D  Diagnostic Tool Plus V2018.9 ICOM HDD ISTA-D 3.54.12 ISTA-P

BMW ICOM A3+B+C+D Diagnostic Tool Plus V2018.9 ICOM HDD ISTA-D 3.54.12 ISTA-P   Item No. SP234-C-SS209-7B

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This is a package offer include BMW ICOM A3+B+C+D Diagnostic Tool and V2018.9 ICOM HDD ISTA-D 3.54.12 ISTA-P, the wifi have been preset, ready to use.
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How to set wifi about the item bmw ic omwith wifi

1.Newest Version ICOM A2+B+C For BMW Diagnostic & Programming Tool 

1.with latest Software, Adapter and WIFI .
2. It is Second generation of BMW ISTA Diagnose and programming system.
3. Best BMW ICOM.

2.How to set wifi about the item bmw icom with wifi

Pay attention the bmw icom wifi setting 
1.Usb wifi insert the computer usb connection firstly.


2.Close the computer wifi itself and other new added wifi, only ours device usb wifi, Wired connection port can not connect cable or device.

3.after confirmation, then boot computer.
4..And then confirm all the network is turned off and no connection of wired cable


The picturer shows wifi can not turn off, it is ours is normal when it shows”X”
5.Start softwae and choose wifi for ICOM.


6.And then connect icom a2 to car, wait 20 to 60 seconds, you can see the device wlan led not blinking or slowly blinking.


It shows usb wifi and icom a2 wifi communication is ok.
7.Now you can click diagnosis or programming software)


 when you get this notice, just click ok.Ad don’t close it, just narrow it down.


recognize the device  normally


3.How to enable BMW ICOM A2 to work with ISTA-P v3.59 ?

In order to enable the BMW ICOM A2 firmware to work well with ISTA P v3.59, you need a valid ICOM A2 license or ISTA-P loader firstly.

In other word, BMW ICOM A2 requires valid firmware license. If you have no license, you just update firmware to latest version and use ista-p loader v4.9 (v5.x discontinued).


Free download ISTA P Loader (for those with ista p but data is gone)!fhkXySwJ!heZSdusfCDZ8lno5_rpEZYSSS3MYC73JhZPCkyh6lQ0
ISTA-P (tested OK, with Loader v4.9)

V2016.7 BMW ICOM Software HDD ISTA-D 3.55.31 ISTA-P with Engineers Programming Windows 7 System


User feedback on ISTA/P and loader

More info on ISTA P loader:

Tried running Rheingold ISTA/P using v3.2 loaded.
Select K+Dcan emulator, which started fine. (network tool for kdcan is necessary)
Select BMW car and ista/p loaded up.
Start new session. Fine.
Select my machine.
Select interface. all good so far.
On the next page I had a progress bar on the bottom left.
First job finished, then it said “Determining Vehicle Identification number”
Then things stopped and I got an error box come up saying:
“An error on execution of the measure.
94201 Technical service initialisation failed.
10007 (CIP)- Error during initialisation of EDIABAS.”
All help appreciated as this is getting frustrating.

Then run the network config tool for k+dcan:!n5hmSSLS!VPWI77otjCryNmqf8IGwZsPlaBGz0T5fuiHN2TUZEPU

Error solved. And ISTA/P works like a charm.

What to do if programming data is missing?

“Programming data” in launcher is for ISTA 4 only (I, F & G series). Requires separate install to ISTA/P.


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