BMW INPA/Ediabas K+CAN Interface software free download

BMW INPA/Ediabas K+CAN Interface software free download, BMW INPA/Ediabas K+CAN Interface setup instuction video.
1. BMW INPA/Ediabas K+CAN Interface software free download

2. BMW INPA/Ediabas K+CAN Interface setup instuction video
How to do BMW E series by INPA K+CAN BMW cable 
First, what can a successful BMW Coding bring you?
-Key fob with open/close of windows/mirrors/sunroof
-Euro double blinking hazards
-Comfort Eject- Key fob eject automatically, no need to depress it out of fob socket (E series only)
-license plate on when alarm is deactivated
-fog stay on while flashing high beams
-fogs stay on with high beams on
-CIC module DVD in motion
-air bag warning
-windows safety feature disabled. Windows roll up with door open
-seat belt warning/ chime disabled.
-remove bulb errors
Second, how to do BMW E series coding and BMW F series coding?
For BMW E series coding:
Recommended Hardware: INPA K+CAN BMW cable (Only 15.99 USD)

Recommended Software: BMW INPA, EDIABAS and NCS EXPERT

How to do BMW E series coding? (Set how to activate BMW remote windows up as example)

(Plug INPA cable into the USB port on your laptop, Windows XP system would be preferred, install INPA driver and then NCS Expert software)

  1. Start by creating a blank “FSW_PSW.MAN” in the WORK folder.
  2. Open NCS Expert.
  3. Select the appropriate profile
  4. Click on VIN/ZCS/FA, select your chasis, and then select the appropriate ECU (I think EWS in the E39s case)
  5. Click back
  6. Click on “process ECU” and select the GM3.
  7. Click the button to read the ECU data.
  8. Go back to the work folder, and there should be an FSW_PSW.TRC file that has data only from the GM3. In there will be a line that says “KOMFORTSCHLIESSUNG_FB”. Under that it’ll say “nicht_aktiv”. Change that to “aktiv”
  9. Click file>save as> and then where it says file type, change it to “all”
  10. Save the file as “FSW_PSW.MAN” and say yes when it asks you to overwrite.
  11. Now back in NCS Expert, change the job type to “SG_CODIEREN”
  12. Hit execute job.
Now with BMW INPA K+CAN cable you can roll up the car windows via remote key!

K+DCAN usb for 545 e60 2005 programming and coding results

I can show you my programming and coding results few day before for my 545 e60 2005..with K DCAN usb...
Requirements for installation of ISTA P : min 200 gb free hdd,min 3-4gb RAM,and min 2ghz cpu speed,i hope you know...

I don't know for sure do you need to keep ISTA +,because I have installed Ista + before ISTA P version which I have...
I don't remember thru that installation of ISTA P that I was needed some kind of activation key, only reg fix or something ...but anyway, now I have a new version of ISTA P3.65.0.500 so you can go thru installation of version [85 gb]...[there is ISTA P loader folder with activation key ]

About my experience, I must tell you that with K DCAN usb cable everything was fine but slow...
For my CCC Application programming time was about 8 hours!!!
Everything else was much faster,  think I have 38 ecu programmed and coded thru ISTA P....
I have done full car programming in about 12 hours!!!
Yes I know it is crazy, but when it started, I must to finish everything...

BMW ICOM is much better[and faster] solution!

But for my car it was a problem for old ZSUB numbers which I did not managed to program
all ecu-s thru WinKFP ,one by one..only few of them.
Everything about ecu-s in my bmw was from 2005 [integration level plant E060-04-09-550]

Anyway I think there is no problem for programming 1 ecu with K DCAN usb, but keep in mind that voltage of the battery must be backup all the time and key must be on ignition position ...

And one more thing, for me WinKFP is also good solution for programming, because when you have new ZSUB numbers {ecu numbers} ,you just need to find that number in AIF thru INPA, and after that you just in WInKFP comfort mode [F1] ,put that number [F1],enter VIN [F4],than DONE[F8] and than [F3] again and everything is done!
Or just update ecu with [F3],than select ecu family,enter VIN [F4],than [F8] and again [F3]...

I hope you don't mind for this long thread, and also sorry for my English writing ,because I don't know better...

PS:ISTA P is only for programming and coding ,not for keep your ISTA +

BMW E60 ISTA /P final report:!gZwBXIaS!KWoT-7k4zsU21zvBvOXC2Wu95_-heLUAeZUWumGR2dQ