Elsawin technical support

Elsawin technical support
1.How to install Elsawin

Installation Main steps:
Step 1: Install AdbeReader 9.0
Step 2: Install & Activate SetupCD_4.00
Step 3: Install SKODA data
Step 4: Install UpdateCD_4.10
Step 5: Install UpdateCD_5.00
Step 6: Install SEAT data
Step 7: UpdateCD_5.10
Step 8: Install VW data
Step 9: Install UpdateCD_5.20
Step 10: Install AUDI data
Step 11: Login ElsaWin 5.2
2.Elsawin 5.20 registration issue on Win10 solution

Here are the working customer solution on ElsaWin 5.20 Electronic Service Information for Audi VW SKODA SEAT registered or not registered issues running on Windows 10 (64bit) system.
Part 1: Elsawin 5.20 registered issue
In the help tab, Elsawin 5.20 says it’s registered
Here’s the solution:
First start ElsaWin administration
Click to File on the left in the first line then code then code query or somthing like that. (I’m using the hungarian vers.)
On the pop-up window will be a provisional code. The final code block is empty!
Use the keygen how when you installed the program at first time.
The new final code paste to the empty block.
Don’t close the administration panel!
Start ElsaWin main program and will work.
Not fixed the problem but Elsa will work for …..
Part 2: Elsawin 5.2 not registered issue
Elsa is not registered
Here’s the solution:
Open Esawin admin (Run as admin)
Use default uername and password (admin/admin)
Then top left option (mines in German so Dienste)
Then Code
Then Codeabfrage
This brings up the activation window
Copy the temp code
Using the activation tool again (Run as admin)
Copy code and generate activation code
Paste in Elsawin admin
(mine took 3 attempts at this but now it working)
First 2 codes came up not registered still


Hopefully, it’s helpful to anyone.