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How Magic Wand and OBDStar F100 program Key work for Ford Focus 05?

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How Magic Wand and OBDStar F100 program Key work for Ford Focus 05?

1.How Magic Wand and OBDStar F100 program Key work for Ford Focus 05?
.Set Ford Focus 05 as an example, you will see how I Programm a new Key with Magic Wand 4C 4D Transponder Chip Generator and OBDStar F100.

Step 1: Use Quickly Code Reader to test the original transponder key. First insert the key into coil and choose “Read/ Copy” option on screen (pay attention do not move the key), then I read the chip type is 83.
Step 2: Test a new transponder key and repeat choose “Read/ Copy” option to read chip type, it’s 4D 70, then I try to start the car by this new key sure it’s not working.
Step 3: Use Magic Wand to format the new chip 4D 70 to 83.(Put the new key into key slot, input 83 and press “Write” button)
Step 4: Insert the new key while keeping ignition on then put Magic Wand’s coil close to ignition.
Step 5: Use OBDStar F100 to program new key. Enter “Operation Menu”, find “Programming Anti-theft Transponder Key”, choose car brand and type. The screen show it’s initializing.
Step 6: Choose car brand, enter “Smart Key System”, then choose “Focus”→ “New Focus”→ “Type 2”.(Since this car is 2015Focus, I choose “2014~”)
Step 7:Choose “Programming a New Key”, insert the new key and turn on ignition, press “Enter” to continue. At this time, tips show on screen that it is reading pincode.
Step 8: Follow next step to turn off ignition and turn on it again (In all steps above you should keep the new key into coil.).
Tips show that I have 4 available keys. Press “Enter” to make sure it.
Step 9: Follow tips to program a new key, it will take about 4 mins. Soon I get the pincode, press “Enter” to continue.
Tip show now I have 5 available keys to start the car. And I use the new key to start car, it’s working!

2.How to program Ford Fiesta 2013 new key with OBDSTAR F100

The following is a feedback from a obdstar customer about how to program Ford Fiesta 2013 new key.
It is easy to operate, only needs 3 steps.
Step1. Start OBDSTAR F100; choose “Chinese Ford”→ “Immobilizer” → “Fiesta” → “-2013”, F100 will show “Communication…


Step2. Choose “Program keys”, it will show “MIN keys required: 2”, press “Enter” button to continue. Next it will show “Insert the key to be programmed and turn on the ignition”. Follow this tip then press “Enter” button to continue. F100 will show “Communication…”


Step3. OBDSTAR F100 Ford/Mazda key programmer will remind you current number of keys is 2, press “Enter” button to communicate. After communication, OBDSTAR F100 successfully programs a new key for Ford Fiesta 2013. So you can see the current number of keys is 3.




Recently, the OBDSTAR firm release several key programmer. In order to let you choose the suitable key programmer, we list the a comparison tables of OBDSTAR F-100 for Ford&Mazda, F108 for Peugeot&Citreon, x100 pro, X300 pro3.

3.OBDSTAR F100 F108 X100 Pro X300 pro3, Which Key Programmer is for you.

Image  /upload/service/f-100-key-programmer-new-1.jpg  /upload/service/obdstar-f108-pin-code-tool-120.jpg /upload/service/original-x100-pro-plus-auto-key-programmer-new-1.jpg /upload/service/obdstar-x300-pro3-full-package-s.jpg
Language English English English, Chinese English
Read pin code No need


read pin code

(program key)
Program ECU    





oil service reset,

battery matching

oil service/reset,
battery matching
Lincoln & Land Rover
(not immo)
Multi-brand models Multi-brand models
F-100 Ford Mazda: good at key programmer for Ford, Mazda,Land Rover
Obdstar f108: good at key programming for Peugeot, Citroen, DS
OBDSTAR X100PRO: same as x300 Pro key master, best for both key making and
odometer mileage
Obdstar x300 Pro3 key master: include all and best for garage professional master.

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