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How to install INSITE on Cummins Inline 5 data link?

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How to install INSITE on Cummins Inline 5 data link?


Step by step procedure on installing INSITE on Cummins Inline 5 data link truck diagnostic adapter.



  1. Exit all anti-virus software programs

2.Setup Cummins 8.2.0 pro/lite version software

How to Install Activate Cummins Insite Pro and Lite



Step 1: setup Inline 5 driver 

Any of windows 7 8 10 is okay, I take Windows 7 32-bit for example.



Open software CD

Open INSITE.7_6_2.rar-> Software folder->INSITE 5 Drivers

insite-8-2-0-184-on-cummins-inline-5-data-link-02 insite-8-2-0-184-on-cummins-inline-5-data-link-03


Copy Inline Setup- 32 Bit.exe and paste it to the desktop

For 64-bit system, you copy Inline Setup- 64 Bit.exe to desktop



Setup the adapter driver, I use Cummins Inline5 data link (Inline 6, Nexiq or other adapters are working too)

Run Inline Setup-32 Bit on desktop as administrator 



Click on NEXT



Accept the windows security warning to setup driver software



Tick "Launch Inline 4/5 Reflash Tool" and click on Finish

Delete Inline Setup-32 Bit on desktop

Device driver has been successfully installed

insite-8-2-0-184-on-cummins-inline-5-data-link-08 insite-8-2-0-184-on-cummins-inline-5-data-link-09


Open Computer->Manager->Device Manager->Universal Serial Bus Controller to check if the driver establishes a good communication with the computer.



Step 2: Add Inline5 adapter to INSITE 8.2.0

Open INSITE pro or lite version software on desktop



Select "Add New" option on the middle of the bottom tool bar



Click on "Next" to setup ECU Connection Wizard



Choose RP1210 adapters, click on Next



Choose Vendor, Adapter INLINR 5 USB and protocol Auto detect, click on Next



Click on Next


Tick both 2 options and click on Finish

Again software will prompt to install ECU connection wizard, click on NEXT

Do the same setting as above, but this time we choose protocol J1708



Click on Finish

Do the setting again, this time we add protocol J1939


Click on Finish and cancel ECU connection wizard interface


Please add the corresponding adapter in the insite software



Choose "INLINES USB (Auto Detect) Connection" in the middle of bottom tool bar



Click on the "Connect" button to connect to ECM

Now you are ready to use the software to read fault code, manage data logger, do calibration etc

insite-8-2-0-184-on-cummins-inline-5-data-link-22 insite-8-2-0-184-on-cummins-inline-5-data-link-23 insite-8-2-0-184-on-cummins-inline-5-data-link-24





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