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How to install VAG CAN PRO VPC v5.5.1 on WinXP and Win7?

Here is the instruction on installing VAG CAN Pro v5.5.1 coding and programming software on windows xp and windows 7 operating system.
1.How to install VAG CAN PRO VPC v5.5.1 on WinXP and Win7?

Customer image : 

Computer requirement:

Windows XP or Windows 7
Processor: 700 Mhz or faster,
256Mb RAM,
1 USB ports available.

Language: English, Czech, Danish, German, Hrvatski, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Spanish

run and install WinRAR 5.31 in Computer/DVD Drive (E:) VCP6


unzip vcp6.rar

copy Driver VCP folder to Desktop


For Windows XP users, please go to Computer management to select USB human interface device.



For Windows 7 users, select USB input device in Computer management, when USB input device installed (pop-up window)


device driver software was not successfully installed (pop-up window)

then select VCP for Update driver software


browse: Desktop/ Driver VCP

device driver software was not successfully installed (pop-up window)

then select USB serial port for Update driver software


browse: Desktop/ Driver VCP

successfully updated driver software


select USB serial port (COM4) and USB serial converter


then run vag can pro application on Desktop

VCP 5.5.1 supports CAN, K-Line, CAN->K-Line, K-Line->CAN


change the software language in setting options


VCP 5.5.1 supports ECUs: engine, gearbox, abs,a/c, airbag, instruments awd, immo, navi, steering assist, centr. conv. radio, and more



go to Engine, then connect


then go to additional function: guided function



Select coding or programming function you need to carry out

2.FAQ of VAG CAN PRO VPC 5.5.1 

About clone VAG CAN PRO VPC 5.5.1
Q; Is the VAG CAN PRO a full version?
A: yes, it’s VAG CAN full kit.
Q: Does clone vag can supports coding and programming?
A: definitely yes. The VAG CAN PRO at obd2eshop.com can do offline coding and programming as the original.
Moreover, the clone doesn’t need engineer codes for coding or programming, while the genuine needs it.
Q: Does it support UDS protocol?
A: yes. It supports CAN BUS, UDS, K-line.
Q: Any difference among VCDS, VCP, ODIS
A: VCDS is good for diagnosis, and simply coding; runs very fast
VCP is best for parametring and quick eeprom read; runs fast
ODIS 3.0.3 is best for flashing; kind of slow when diagnose…..