How to use Lonsdor ST-P181 for Porsche

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Lonsdor ST-P181 Porsche Idle Start-stop/Fault Code Reader

Lonsdor ST-P181 Porsche Idle Start-stop/Fault Code Reader

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ST-181 include setting idle start-stop system and clearing fault code is lightweight, portable and easy to operate. It is is a simple tool from Lonsdor and customized for Porsche owners.

Option 1: Choose “Start and stop function settings”

Press the icon “Start”

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When this function is enabled, it can remember the state of idle start/stop when the car was shutting down last time.


Reading vehicle information.

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Whether to bind VIN code xxx is the car in use?  After binding, this function can only be used by the car.

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Memorize the open/close state of idle start/stop system after the car is shutting down.

The start stop function will be restored to the factory state.

Press “Enter”, get the current data XXX and press the up and down button to reset the value you want.

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Confirming system…

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Setup complete.

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Option 2: Clear fault codes

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Press the icon “Start”


Clearing fault code, please wait…

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The fault code is cleared.

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Option 3: Choose “Check binding information”

The device is already bound to the car with VIN.

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Lonsdor ST-P181 for Porsche to reset idle start-stop & clear fault codes