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OBDSTAR X300 DP Key programmer Full Version Supports Toyota G & H Chip All Keys Lost, BMW FEM BDC Key Programming[Buy SP326 instead]

OBDSTAR X300 DP Key programmer Full Version Supports Toyota G & H Chip All Keys Lost, BMW FEM BDC Key Programming[Buy SP326 instead]

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OBDSTAR X300 DP is an Android Tablet , with Key Programming and Diagnostic function, 2 into 1 product. One key upgrade, Free update for one year. This is Full package version: Immobilizer+ odometer adjustment+ EEPROM/PIC adapter+ OBDII+ ABS+ TPS+ SRS reset+ TPMS(low tire)reset+ Steering angle reset+ CVT learning/Value reset+ EPB+ Oil/service reset+ Battery matching+ Diagnosis(Japanese and Korean serials).
OBDSTAR X300 DP Change Mileage on Cadillac ATS 2016
1.How to Update OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD Tablet ?

How to Update OBDSTAR X300 DP Pad tablet software?

Step1. Connect WIFI as follows:



Select an available wifi and connect it

Step 2. Begin to update your device
Click on “One Key Upgrade”
Select software name and click “Bulk update”



Step 3. The update will be finished once all the vehicles have been 100% updated.

2.OBDSTAR X300 DP Change Mileage on Cadillac ATS 2016

Original OBDSTAR X300DP is the advanced tablet which program immo and does some special functions like program ECU , read Pin code, adjust Mileage etc. Here is the test demo on Cadillac ATS 2016 odometer correction via X300 DP  in easy 3 steps.



Connect OBDSTAR X300 DP with vehicle and power on device

Press on START button


Choose “Mileage adjust” option and click on GM brand

Select GM software version


Choose car model: Cadillac


Choose ATS 2013-


Select mileage correction


It is communicating…

OBDSTAR X300 DP tablet will display the current mileage information


Input the new mileage and press ENTER to continue, i.e 3061


Confirm new mileage entered



Mileage correction succeed


2.OBDSTAR X300 DP program Toyota Corolla G chip all key lost
OBDSTAR X300 DP review for sharing: OBDSTAR X300 DP is newly tested OK to reset Toyota G immobilizer and program Toyota Corolla G chip key when all key lost! Check below to know the steps!
Connect OBDSTAR X300 DP with Toyota Corolla via diagnostic OBD2 port.
Turn on car ignition, power on X300 DP Pad and click “Diag Program” to start.
Choose “Immobilizer” and find “Toyota”.

“Toyota/Scion/Lexus V31.11”, click “OK”.

“Select from vehicle” and Select “Toyota”

Choose region “Asia” then car model “Corolla”
OBDSTAR X300 DP is available for Corolla from 2001 to now. In this case, choose “2010-” option.
Click “Immobilizer” then “OK”.

OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD can reset Toyota G chip and H chip.
In this case, choose “Type1 (With G, 72)” then “Reset immobilizer (All key lost)” function.

And follow the tips to repeat this procedure: turn off ignition→ turn on ignition→ turn off ignition and remove the key.
Car security indicator starts to blink.
It will show key programming instruction as below. In this case, we are going to program 1 master key.
So insert the key, turn on ignition and wait 5 seconds.
Then turn on ignition quickly for 5 times.
Car security indicator off and key programming complete!

OBDSTAR X300 DP Tablet Key Programmer successfully program Toyota Corolla G chip all key lost!
3.OBDSTAR X300 DP Program Audi A6L 4th IMMO Key via OBD Step-by-step Guide

To Program Audi A6L 4th immobilizer remote key by OBDSTAR X300 DP key programmer, you need extra OBDSTAR RFID adapter (for VW AUDI SKODA SEAT 4th & 5th IMMO) to work with.
Step-by-step Guide:
1. Turn on ignition with dealer key and read out eeprom data thru 9S12DT256 for Audi A6L.
Select IMMO key programmer->VAG-> Audi
Select 4th generation immobilizer system
Select 9S12DT(G)128
Read EEPROM data (backup)
Turn ignition to ON position

Reading eeprom data

Save eeprom data
2. Generate CS code and PIN code from EEPROM data thru 9S12DT256.
3.Generate Dealer Key from the EEPROM data(Bin file) and do Key Data Learning with OBDSTAR RFID Adapter Chip Reader.
Connect RFID adpater with X300DP tablet
Insert the new key into OBDSTAR RFID Adapter
Make sure you have backup the eeprom data
Enter key numbers to be programmed (1-8)
Turn ignition to ON
Insert the key to be learned one by one and follow X300 DP prompt
After key learning done, test the new key to turn on the ignition.