OEM Orange5 Professional Programming technical support

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OEM Orange5 Professional Programming Device With Full Packet Hardware + Enhanced Function Software

OEM Orange5 Professional Programming Device With Full Packet Hardware + Enhanced Function Software

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Orange 5 is a professional programming device for memory and microcontrollers. Unique feature of the current series programmers is built-in macro language for writing down protocols, which gives fast and easy capability to add new types of micro schemes, precisely meeting manufacturers' requirements to read/write algorithms.
Support XP WIN7 WIN8 system (Not update)
OEM Orange5 Professional Programming technical support
1.OEM Orange5 Professional Programming Customer feedback 

Customer 1:
I will share my experience with OEM Orange 5 V1.34 Programming Device ECU Chip Tuning in this article. Hope to help friends who have intention to purchase it.
To start with this topic, I will firstly popularize information of Orange 5. I think it is a good device for memory and microcontrollers with full package hardware, enhanced version software and professional programming functions.
I was trying to locate MCU or EEPROM on VW transporter with Siemens ECU unit. My friend recommended me OEM Orange 5 program machine. Sounds great by his introduction. Followed his advice, I bought the OEM Orange on obd2eshop.com with US$259 . With 3 days delivery, I received the package including:
An orange 5 programmer,
A power adapter,
A USB cable,
Incircuit wire
A lot of adapters inside
Everything was going smoothly until I opened the software [OEM Orange 5] I encountered the following error messages:
Error Load HPL file: BlauCard.hpx
Cause: Error open file.


Error Load HPL file: Fish 2444.hpl


I consulted the customer service about this issue. She told me that I should move the orange5 v1.34 software from orange5 (E to the computer first. And she provided me with a video about how to install Orange 5 V1.34 software. You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpHLX-F9j-g

Finally I solved the trouble. Start doing everything will encounter difficulties. Though I came across obstacle when using it, but I was still satisfieth OEM orange 5 V1.34, I have done many jobs on my car with the help of orange-5. It works fine, recommended!

Customer 2 : 

As an electrician more than 20 years I know what work or not with original and clone devices. My budget is not unlimited, so like most peoples, we can’t buy all original we need each time. And we often need several devices together. So if the clone can make one step that my others cannot do, I am happy with that!


  1. And this Orange5 OEM is clone but includes IMMO HPX 9V0 Software License and adapter set, it works good for me with hundreds dollar compared with the original thousands dollar. I just read today 1d69j adapter success.
  2. Got my Orange 5 today, first very easy to install, then I start tested it: all functions open 1-10 except car radio get error, tested reading usual EPROMS all good, tested tms370 with adaptor board did not read so maybe bad adaptor board, tested IMMO login code from dump, TMS VW works.
  3. Not bad at all, I have received mine few days ago and already did few cars. IMMO SW included and also activation for other sw. Only one minus is not have updates , I have original also get this to play with it , and can’t say bad for it , till now first I read with original after that with the clone and no problem till now , of course I not test all but with some NEC all ok .
  4. I have never had any problems with the clone; everything works as it should, knock on wood. Not sure is there any script but software for IMMO, radio and dash coming together with clone.
Tested OK with Orange 5:
2j74y ok
35080 ok
TMS IMMO Opel ok
Hc05 IMMO old VW ok

        5.Orange 5 OEM seems to be an EEPROM programmer. I often extract the dump of an EEPROM with a programmer and modify it with the software came with the Orange 

        6.I buy Orange5 china clone. Work great. Now I check in hc05b8, hc11e9 EEPROMs. All read and write very fast.

        7.I have Orange5 programmer OEM clone and everything works perfect for now. I have 4 secured MCU, and they work ok. On Hc908az60 secured it work’s good. I have tried 68hc11 and it work’s just perfect.
I have tested with 1j35d, 4j74y, 1d69j, 0d69j, 0f82b, 3k91d, TMS 370c702 OK!