OTC 3111 PRO Trilingual Scanner technical support

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Free shipping OTC OBDII/CAN/ABS/Airbag (SRS) Scan Tool OBD2 EOBD Code Reader 3111

Free shipping OTC OBDII/CAN/ABS/Airbag (SRS) Scan Tool OBD2 EOBD Code Reader 3111

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OTC OBDII/CAN/ABS/Airbag (SRS) Scan Tool OBD2 EOBD Code Reader 3111 is 2014 new release and hot sale code reader, it can also works on light trucks.
OTC 3111 PRO Trilingual Scanner technical support
1.Why should buy OTC 3111 PRO Trilingual Scanner?

The fact surrounding its cost. There is no scan tool which can provide such wide range of functions at the price in which this scan tool goes. It is in this light that it is considered as pocket friendly, economical and efficient.
High functional ratio which covers both its ability to read several code parameters and the other wide ranging reading capability. The scan tool has in fact found favor to be among the top rated car diagnostic scan tools because of the benefit on how it works.
The operation mode of the scan tool is as simple as it looks. Just plug it to the engine and get the scan going. I would recommend the use of the the OTC (3111PRO) Trilingual Scan Tool OBD II, CAN, ABS and Airbag if you need a great scan which gives fantastic results. Conclusive research is however necessary because there are other scan tools in the market which are bound to give better results than this scan. It is however better if you concentrated among the top rated OBD scan machines in the market.
Things We Liked
It saves time- with the auto scanning enabled in it, the scan tool will give the motorist quick results at any moment the scan ids initiated. This makes solving issues to do with emissions to be quick. It is this diagnostic scan and others of its kind which are considered as fully compliant with the OBD regulations.
It is easy to use- despite being able to cover several coding protocols, the scan tool is known to be an easy to use, with just a plug and play function.
Unique- the OTC (3111PRO) Trilingual Scan Tool OBD II, CAN, ABS and Airbag operates differently from the other known scan tools within its range. This feature gives that unique touch to your vehicle when used.
Durable- the diverse features of the scan tool have not been negative contributors to the use of this scan tool. Instead it can last as long as the user wishes with good us

Things We Didn't Like
It does not support some features on some vehicles despite the hype that it does. For instance, the ABS feature is not very universal as promised by the manufacturer.
Its features
It has trilingual feature which is a plus especially when dealing with technicians or motorists of diverse nationalities and backgrounds. Through the linguistic mix, there is an assurance that the machine can provide data in the language set by the user.
With its anti lock brake system (ABS) and safety restraint system (SRS) retrieving capacity, the scan tool is definitely one of the tools to safeguard the interests if the user.
Its autoid allows automatic scanning. This is fast and efficient because it relieves the technician of the need to enter certain vehicle codes for the scanning to proceed. The presence of theproportional integrated derivative (PIDs) is what allows it to help with providing the relevant graphic data for analysis. Moreover, the PIDs are spread across to over 300 within its data streaming system.
It has the ability to code diverse pieces of data which cover over 4.3 codes in total. These codes which are known as global codes covering both manufacture specific and generic codes are the reason why this diagnostic scan is considered to cover all the OBD1, OBD2 and other diagnostic compliant motor vehicles. The inclusion of the hybrid motor vehicles has in fact added to its superior twist.
The component locator found in the OTC (3111PRO) Trilingual Scan Tool OBD II, CAN, ABS and Airbag is what makes the scan tool be very precise when scanning data, because this helps get the right coding data.
It a size of 12 x 4 x 3 inches, the scan tool is just small enough to be able to fit perfectly within the engine closet. Its weight is even moderately small with 1.7 pound capacity.
It has a live data feed function which will give the user real-time data access. However, the ability to playback the scanned data is what makes it stand out to be regarded as among the top rating car diagnostic scan tools. In addition, the OBD 2 scan tool has the ability to read free data, scans status check, drives cycle and displays several other data functions.
It is easy to update using the accompanying USB port which connects to the PC for ease of connection and update.
Merely looking at an OBD2 scan machine is not enough. Using it is where the experience is drawn. With several top rated car diagnostic scan tools in the market, you are spoilt for choice. However, based on your budget and the car model, you know what to go for.

2.How to update OTC 3111 OBDII CAN ABS Scanner online?

Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to update OTC 3111 OBDII CAN ABS/Airbag (SRS) Trilingual Scan Tool.
Software updates are performed using the Scanning Suite application. Scanning Suite can also be used to print diagnostic information stored in the tool.
Operating Systems:
Windows XP, Vista, 7
32-bit and 64-bit
Software language:English, Spanish, and French
Verify Scan Tool Software Version
1. Connect the Scan Tool to an OBD II vehicle and turn the key to the ON position.
2. The Scan Tool will display the Main Menu.
3. Tap the ▼ERASE button until System Setup is highlighted and press ENTER.
4. Tap the ▼ERASE button until Tool Information is highlighted and press ENTER.
5. View the SW ID. If it is not 6A4D then continue this update.
Install Scanning Suite
1. If Scanning Suite is already installed on your computer, proceed to Update Scanning Suite.
2. If Scanning Suite is not already installed, install it using the Scanning Suite CD included in your kit. Insert the CD into the CD or DVD drive on your computer. If the CD does not run automatically, open My Computer, then open the CD and double click Setup.exe.
3. When installation begins, select your desired language and click OK.
4. Continue to click Next until Scanning Suite has completed installation. Use the default settings at each step.
5. When the installation is complete, click Finish to exit.
Update Scanning Suite
It is important to keep Scanning Suite up to date. Newer releases of software for your OTC Scan Tools may only be available with the most recent version of Scanning Suite. Be sure scanning Suite is up to date before continuing.
1. Double click the Scanning Suite Launchpad icon on your desktop to open Scanning Suite. If you do not have the icon on your desktop, you can find it by going to Start Menu/All Programs/Scanning Suite/OTC.
2. Click Setup.
3. Click on Check for Scanning Suite update.
4. If an update was not found, click Continue. Next, click Cancel to exit setup then exit Scanning Suite. Proceed to Update the Scan Tool.
5. If an update was found, on the Download Status screen click OK. Windows may ask you to allow the Scanning Suite Setup program to run. Allow it to run.
6. Scanning Suite installation will start. Select the desired language and click OK.
7. Continue to click Next until Scanning Suite has completed installation. Use the default setting at each step. Note: On the License Agreement screen, be sure to select “I accept the terms in the license agreement” before clicking Next.
8. When the installation is complete, click Finish to exit.
Update the OTC 3111 Scan Tool
1. Double click the Scanning Suite Launchpad icon on your desktop to open Scanning Suite.
2. Click Tool Update.
3. The ScanLoader application will open. Click Next to continue.
4. Connect your OTC OBD2 Scanner to the PC using the USB cable.
5. The OTC 3111 Pro Scan Tool will power on. Tap the ▼ERASE button until System Setup is highlighted. Press Enter.
6. Tap the ▼ERASE button until Program Mode is highlighted. Press Enter. The Scan Tool displays “PROGRAM MODE See User Manual”.
7. If this is the first time updating your Scan Tool, Windows may begin installing the USB drivers. Wait until Windows completes before continuing.
8. Verify that your computer is connected to the internet. Check the option for Scanning Suite to Automatically connect to the device and click Next.
9. Scanning Suite will download version information from our server and begin searching virtual COM ports for the device. (Please make note: Your communications port may show up as a different number than what you see below.)
Note: If Scanning Suite cannot find the device, you will see a “could not connect to the device” message. If this occurs, try using a different USB port or check Windows Device Manger to ensure the drivers are properly installed and a virtual COM port was created for the Scan Tool.
10. Once Scanning Suite is connected to the device, a version list will be displayed. Choose the most recent version and click Next.
a. If there are no updates for your Scan Tool, Scanning Suite will display a message informing you that there are no updates available. At this time, Tool Update will exit.
b. If the Scan Tool already has the most current software version installed, the version shown will identify it is already installed. You may reinstall the current version to your Scan Tool by clicking Next or click Cancel to cancel the update.
11. Scanning Suite may download the files from our update server. This may take several minutes.
12. Once the files are downloaded, you will need to authorize the software. Since this is a free update, the software serial number and authorization code are not required. Click Next to install the new software onto the Scan Tool.
13. Click Finish to begin the installation.
14. The old program will be erased and the new program will be installed. You can track the download process with the progress bar that will be displayed on your PC. Also note the scan tool will now display “Programming” with a progress bar graphic moving across the screen. Please do not power off the tool or exit the program until the update is complete. Part of the programming process is to wipe the tool clean, and prematurely exiting the program can render the tool inoperable. You will be prompted when the tool has completed the download, and at this point is ready to use on a vehicle.
15. The update will normally take about one minute. You will be prompted when the tool has completed the download. Click Done once completed.
16. The update is complete and the OTC 3111 Pro trilingual Scan Tool will display Success. You may now disconnect the Scan Tool and close the Scanning Suite application. The tool is now ready to use on a vehicle.