Newest v143 Renault Can Clip Diagnostic Interface Technical Service

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Low cost V183 CAN Clip Diagnostic Tool for Renault Support Multi-language popular for French Customers Support Win 7/8/10

Low cost V183 CAN Clip Diagnostic Tool for Renault Support Multi-language popular for French Customers Support Win 7/8/10

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CAN Clip Diagnostic Interface is designed to diagnose Renault car models, including automatically test all Renault models' computers,reporgramming,airbag test and other functions.  (11.2M)

renault-can-clip-setup-instruction.pdf  (2.2M)
renault-can-clip-v112-installation-manual.pdf  (1.8M)
renault-clip-setup-manual.pdf  (764K)
renault-supported-language-and-compatible-car-market.pdf  (724K)

Here are the Renault Can Clip setup instruction, Renault Can Clip setup manual, Renault supported language and compatible car market file. We hope these files can help you solve your technical problems.
1.Renault  CAN Clip Registration Stpes and V143 Download

Note: you may get error if you didn't follow the next steps.
Firstly: download all parts
Second: choose all .zip parts, right click and unzip to current folder
Thirdly: Choose all .rar parts, right click and unrar to a folder.
Finally, you can check all files in a new folder.  (194,673.0K)  (384,053.0K)  (384,046.0K)  (384,022.0K)  (384,020.0K)  (384,016.0K)  (384,020.0K)  (384,028.0K)  (384,032.0K)

Check the attachment about " Renault CAN Clip setup instruction,Renault Clip setup manual,Renault supported language and compatible car market".

Renault Can clip setup three main steps:
First step:
set your PC language as English.
Second step: install "Crack".
Third step:  install “setup.exe”, at this step, you can select the language you want.

1). Be sure to disable/uninstall anti-virus software
Please note,anti-virus software can flag up Renault CAN Clip software as having a virus. This is a false positive and is due to the software containing the application file. So Before setup the device software, please disable/uninstall anti-virus software or install a more reliable free virus scanner! Our Renault CAN Clip software is completely safe and virus free and all other virus scanners confirm this.

If the software data is destroyed or lost because you forget to disable/uninstall anti-virus software, please contact our customer service, we arrange to resend you CD or send you the software via internet.

2). Required windows operation system is windows XP
Be sure to setup and run the device software under windows XP. Otherwise the device software and program can be broken or it will fail to work.

2.Renault CAN Clip Registration steps:

1. After finish Installation, DO NOT run your CLIP!!!
2. Copy the RSRwin.ext to C:\CLIP_X91\Lib\Application\
3. Then run your CLIP, choose "Register me now" and in the next Windows, please select "NO"!
4. Use this Key for Registration:


renault can clip software regirst

Renault can clip software regirst 2

Renault can clip software v127

Renault can clip v127

Renault can clip

3.How to install Renault CAN CLiP v157
Step 1 - install DAEMON Tools
open Renault CAN CLIP 157 DVD ROM E:
run "DTLite4454.0314" to install DAEMON Tools
language setup
accept license agreement
select a license type: free license
choose components

allow mount space to use my mount statics
follow the screen instruction (click next)
always trust software to install
install DT gadget
DAEMON Tools complete.
run DAEMON Tools Lite automatically (minimize it)
open "Activation (Patch V3)"->Crack Renault CLIP
add image in DAEMON Tools Lite
(computer/DVD RW/157_0_3_0)
mount 157_0_3_0.mdx
minimize AEMON Tools Lite and close other interfaces
Step 2 - install CLIP V157
open BD ROM F: 157_0_3_0
open "setup" application
First installation->next
accept the agreement
select the country
select clip v157 language

select Renault
review settings and go next
always trust software to isntall
restart the platform automatically
computer reboots automatically
CLIP V157 first installation complete

Step 3 - register CLIP V157
open CLIP properties on Desktop
open files in Local disk C:/CLIP_X91/Lib/Application
cut "RSRWin" application and paste it on Desktop
open Renault CAN CLIP 157 DVD ROM E:/Application
copy "RSRWin" application to paste it in Local disk C:/CLIP_X91/Lib/Application
then open the "RSRWin" application
Register me now
are you part of the Renault Network?
open the picture named "Renault clip registration step 4" for clip registration



registration successful


cut "RSRWin" application from Desktop to Local disk C:/CLIP_X91/Lib/Application (move and replace)
automatically installing device driver software
Step 4 - diagnose TWINGO PHASE 2 with Renault CLIP 157








4.Renault CAN CLIP ISO no communication error fixed

Some Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic tool users reported that they had ISO communication error when using the device. Here is the proper solution provided. 
1) When I connect the Renault CAN Clip to the OBD diagnostic socket and with PC via USB port, it gave me just 2 indicators, but the green ISO indicator does not flash, and no communication with the probe. 
2) I first installed the CAN CLIP software on my Dell Win XP SP3 laptop, Software installation went ok, so did registration. Then I connected Can Clip interface to laptop and to car. Computer found USB device and driver were installed. Then second USB device and again, driver were installed. Then no more USB devices were found. I tried all other USB ports in laptop with same result. I uninstalled Can Clip software and re-installed it on another laptop with same result.
Possible reason:
1)Driver issue 
2)Hardware problem 
1) Driver issue 
You need to copy all the CAN CLIP drivers in a directory.
After that allow the hardware wizard to find these automatically. You have to do it for each driver. (About 4-5 times). When you plug your probe, do you hear a noise like "ding dong" If the driver has not been fully installed, the only read light flashes. 

2)Hardware issue 
You probably have bad flash chip or bad soldering, or bad oscillator, or, you name it of your clone Renault CAN CLIP
There is one 32K oscillator on each of the CAN and ISO firmware boards.
Some Renault CAN CLIP users have tested the fault where the green ISO LED would not light and the CLIP cable would not communicate with the vehicle. Changing this oscillator fixed the problem-
5.Reprogram a fuel injection ECU BY Renault Can Clip

Renault can clip is not only a scanner and diagnostic tool, but it also has some special functions like reprogram Renault ECU.
This blog will show you how Renault Can Clip reprograms a fuel injection ECU step by step.

How Renault CAN Clip diagnostic interface re-flash/code Renault injector ECU?

Step1. Install Renault CAN Clip diagnostic software. CAN Clip V160 is the newest version now. This blog is a detailed how-to guide:

Step2. Connect CAN CLIP interface with vehicle via OBD socket. Select the reprogramming page. Obtain the VIN of the vehicle automatically. Select the reprogramming button.


Step3. Click “SELECT THE COMPUTER TO BE PROGRAMMED” then “SELECTION” then click validate.


Step4. Input the Repair Order and the vehicle Technical Specification code then click validate. After that make sure two things done: 1. Connect battery charger to the car. 2. PlugCan Clip Renault into the mains.


Step5. There will be a tip “Select programming mode”, choose “CD-ROM”.


Step6. Select the number for the software to download depending on the recorded operation commons, then confirm, then click “Software reference” and press Validate


Step7. Input vehicle AFTER SALES REPROGRAMMING CODE then press Validate. need use Renault Pin Extractor to calculate AFTER SALES REPROGRAMMING CODE by request code. Here is the Renault Pin Extractor Zip file for you: /upload/service/16092673197384.jpg



Now it is programming. Please remember no operation on the vehicle or on the tool. This procedure will last for 5 minutes. Wait until the procedure is complete


Then reprogramming is done! Return to the home page and save result. Next exit the CAN Clip software.