SBB Key Programmer V33 New Immobiliser Technical Support

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SBB Key Programmer V33.02 New Immobiliser Express Shipping

SBB Key Programmer V33.02 New Immobiliser Express Shipping

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SBB Key Programmer V33.02 is a new device used as a portable unit for programming keys in immobilizer units on vehicles. Due to its integrated hardware, SBB V33.02 needs no more than an OBDII cable providing with a wide range of functions. Its neweset version is v33.02.
CarSets provides SBB key pro technical support to you, including the sbb user manual, sbb new function detail, sbb key add new car, abb key main menu. Hope these technical information can help you using this tool more smoothly.

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Followings are some other problems about SBB key pro.

How SBB key programmer works?
Even if all of your keys get lost, sbb key programmer also can make sure you get a new key.
1) Before running SBB key programmer, please insert the blank new key into your car keyhole;
2) turn on ignition switch;
3) Insert SBB 16-pin interface into your car OBD2 diagnostic seat. SBB key programmer copies  chip according to car model, and it program key not clone key,  it only needs to insert SBB 
16-pin interface into your car OBD2 diagnostic seat, then read out immobilizer pin code  from immobilizer dump/eeprom of the car before writing it into new blank key. When  Programming Ford vehicle, it does not need pin code.

SBB key programmer read pin code
SBB key programmer support read pin code for Honda, Acura, Volkswagen, Toyota and Nissan.It needs pin code to read Volkswagen and Nissan, no need pin code to read Honda and Toyota.

SBB key pro FAQ (Frequetly Asked Question)
Q: Can SBB match Austrialia Ford Falcon and Holden Commodores?
A: Yes,it can.

Q: Why SBB do not have lots of connectors?
A: This product can directly connect with the car's OBD2 16pin connector.

Q: Can this new version be updated?
A: This version can not be updated.

Q: What type of cars can this product programming?
A: SBB is a univeral key programming tool.It can do lots of cars,but to detail car compatible list,there is a file on our website or you can contact our customer service.

Q: What is the open machine password for SBB?
A: password is 38023118.

How can I get pin code for the vehicles I want?
A: SBB can calculate some car's pin code. But for those pin code it can not calculate, you can use other pin code reader machine,such as this one: