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Techincal Support for FVDI2

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New Commander For Mercedes-Benz/Smart/Maybach FVDI(V5.11)

New Commander For Mercedes-Benz/Smart/Maybach FVDI(V5.11)   Item No. SV60

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FVDI2 Mercedes Commander is a professional software for diagnostic of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It allows you to perform complete diagnostics of all 1995-present Mercedes-Benz models. It provides some unique functions, which are not supported by any other diagnostic tool, such key programming, mileage correction.


The links for Renew of 7-Gear Electronic Transmission Control Unit (722.9) and ISM - Intelligent Selector Module

FVDI commander Electronic Transmission Control Unit

Click the following title for more information:

ESL Devices

7-Gear control units renew with Mercedes Commander

722.9 Electronic Transmission Control Unit and Intelligent Servo Module Renew

Abritus-7-Gear-Database_05092012.exe Download from here

1. How to add car models for FVDI?

  1) Users send the FVDI Commander Serial number and car models to us
  2) We will send the information to the manufacture, to get the CD of the car models added.
  3) Users try to install the software after receving the CD.
  4) Update according to the "How to use FVDI FWDownloader.pdf".

2. FVDI Connection for Authorization:


When obtaining authorization, please operate according to the following steps strictly:

Step 1. Connect the Softdog to FVDI. Do not connect Softdog to the computer, otherwise the green light of Softdog or red light will be on, and result in authorization failure.
Step 2. Use USB cable to connect FVDI and the computer, but do not connect FVDI to the car. Wait until FVDI green light flashing and Softdog red light on, then you will get authorization successfully. If FVDI red light on or Softdog green/red flashing, it shows abnormal, please repeat the above steps to connect again.

After get authorization for FVDI, follow the next steps to connect.

Step 1. Connect the Softdog to FVDI (Note: do not connect Softdog to the computer).
Step 2. Use USB cable to connect FVDI and the computer. Wait until FVDI green light flash and Softdog red light on, then connect Softdog USB cable to the computer. During the procedure, the Softdog red light keeps on (Note: do not connect FVDI to the car)
Step 3. Till the above 2 steps work well, connect FVDI to the car.

3. Connect the FVDI to the Car:


4. If Users meet problem as follow when installing FVDI Software, it means need to reinstall the system, and reinstall the software.


5. Computer Requirements for 2015 FVDI Commander:

1. The computer CPU need to be 1.8 above, more than 2GB Memory.
2. Better to Use XP system, for win7, may tips lacking System Patch.
3. Need to choose best internet connection, otherwise, it will occur to problem "unable to connect the server".




6. Software Display of FVDI Commander

1. For Hyundai and Kia



2. For Tag Key Tool


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