VAS 5054A ODIS V3.0.1 Technical support

VAS 5054A ODIS V3.0.1 Technical support
1: What shold i pay attention to when i install this new version VAS 5054A software?
1.Before you install the software, go to website
2.Then you will see the following page, put your mouse in "Download", then you will see the option "java for your cumputer" .

Problem reason: This is the system problem of your computer.  
Solution: Change another computer with XP system. Make sure the format of C is ntfs. Otherwise you will meet this problem.
2.I install the software on computer, but cannot search VAS 5054A via bluetooth, what happened? I check bluetooth, it work 100%, but i cannot connect the device with the car, and the light is off.
When you use USB to connect the VAS 5054A with computer, then do not use bluetooth. There are two ways for connection: USB cable and Bluetooth. You can choose one way to use this tool, not both at the same time. This is the wrong place for your operation.
3.How to use bluetooth to connect the VAS 5054A?
1) Connect the device with your car, then you will see the blue light is flashing.
2) Connect bluetooth adapter with your computer. There will be a bluetooth logo on the bottom right corner of computer. (There must be this logo, remember to install the bluetooth software)
3) Match the bluetooth as the instruction in the package
4: When i install V19 german software, it asks for a username and a password. I can install English software and run perfect. But when i install this german version, it give me photo like this. How to do?
Solution: This error caused by lack the patch file. Please do not use anti-virus software. Please install this patch file:

5.Comaparation between 5054A:

Item Number
normal one
perfect version
BEST quality
oki chip
Yes, with oki chip
Yes, with oki chip
software version
ODIS V3.0.3
ODIS V3.0.3
ODIS V3.0.3
ODIS V3.0.3
Vas-pc V19
6. How to solve VAS 5054A ODIS "License is invalid" 
There are two common problem :service license error 0.736.417 and 0.239.846 with the message “this license is invalid”
ODIS 3.0.1 error message:
OffboardDiagLauncher 0.736.417:
Error reading the license file: Java heap space
This license is invalid

The computer and system lack some patch
Try to install a new JAVA on your system
If the ODIS error remains, please install our Windows 7 32bit system.

VAS5054a ODIS 2.0 error message:
OffboardDiagLauncher 0.239.846
Error reading the license file: Could not parse certificate: Empty input
This license is invalid

Setup Date on yourp latop: 01/01/2015
If it doesn’t work, re-install our operating system –Windows XP O.S.
Customer solution for invalid license:
not copied launcher file to “c-drive”, then the problem solved.
If you need to use our Win XP or WIN 7 opearting system, please contact our customer service to download.
7. Customer asked questions for VAS 5054A:
Q: VAS 5054A and another device VAG K Can V4.8, both of them can work on VW models, which one is better?
A: VAS 5054A is used for diagnose, diagnose function is better, need to work together with computer; and vag k can is used for change the mileage, mileage changing function is better. Work along. Some function are the same, such as service reset function.
Q: Can i use this VAS5054A to disable some functions? Like immobilizer?
A: No. This one has the same method as the original. It can be used to fix the broken system, not disable.
Q: I find two CDs for IDOS software, what shold i do? Install which one?
A: There is the installation video for IDOS, you need to install the two CDs. Just follow the video to install the CD.
Q: I can use the bluetooth to test the car, but when i use USB cable to test the car, there is no response.
A: For this problem, can be caused by the following reason: 1) your computer charger leake away. You can change another computer to install the software and test 2) USB port has problem. Change another USB cable to test. If it is the problem of USB cable, we will resend you another one.
Q: I cannot open the software, it only gives me this prompt: "5054A license invalid, need to buy license", what's the problem?
A: You do not active the software. Follow the video to install the software and active it.
Q: I use the bluetooth to diagnose the car last week, but when i use it this week, bluetooth does not work/
A: Do you match the bluetooth before you use it? Bluetooth needs match before use. If you fail to match, change another xp system computer to install the software.
Q: Does 5054A V19 (Item No: SP33-B) French CD have Skoda CD and Seat CD? Can 5054 be used to diagnose Skoda and Seat?
A: It does not contain French Skoda CD and French Seat CD, and has no guide function, but it can be used to diagnose Skoda and Seat. It does not need to select car models when install 5054A, no matter what car brand to diagnose, all the 5054A software interface is the same, the data CD (VW CD, Audi CD, Skoda CD, Seat CD) only play a guiding role, even only install the basis CD, 5054A can be also used to diagnose (PS: guiding function means to step-by-step guide the users to diagnose car)
Q: VAS 5054A ODIS V1.2.0 with OKI Chip (item No: SP33-C) Lamborghini and Bentley software is multi-language?
A: ODIS V1.2.0 is only software, it has nothing to do with OKI chip, and the software is stored with all the newest data of VW Audi Skoda Seat, VAS 5054A ODIS V1.2.0 (item No: SP33-C) contain 2pcs of CD (VW AUDI SKODA SEAT software), unlike VAS5054A (Item No: SP33-BO and SP33-B), which have separate CD for each supported car brand. This version of 5054 has OKI chip.