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1. Refund on return

(1) Full refund to you if the item has quality problem when you received it. The item cannot be used, there is using problem with the hardware, software or adapters.

(2) Full refund to you if we send you the wrong item, and we pay the extra fee.

2. Partial refund on return
(1) You get partial refund (minus the shipping cost, 10% handling cost, and cost on items activated if the product needs activating) if you are not satisfied with the item you bought from us within 1 week.

(2) You get partial refund (minus the shipping cost,10% handling cost) if you order a wrong item from us within 1 week.

3. When the item was lost on the way to you by Express Company, we will full refund you, or resend you a new good item.

4. In some particular season, you can get refund after our customer service learning your particular problem. Please contact our customer service for this situation.


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