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First, the item you received has quality problem.
It can not work once you receive it or it encounters crash in delivery. In this situation, we can accept item return. You can get full refund or exchange a new good item. We pay the entire fee.


Second, you are not satisfied with the item you buy at
We can also accept return, you can get partial refund (minus the shipping cost), or exchange another item you want, you pay the extra shipping cost.


Third, you order a wrong item from us.
You can also return back the wrong item to get partial refund (minus the shipping cost), or exchange a right item, you pay the extra shipping cost.


Fourth, we send you the wrong item.
We will be responsible for any fee caused by this. You can return the wrong item back to us to get full refund or resend you the right item, and we pay the shipping cost to send back.

At last, in some particular situation, our return policy can be open for you after our customer service learning your particular problem. Please contact our customer service for this situation.

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