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Product Description

BMW Creator C310+ Multi System Scan Tool is a hand-held tool, its main functions are read trouble codes, clear trouble codes, displays live data stream and graph display and vehicle version information. This scanner is now available in USA and Australia warehouse free shipping.

Creator C310 Multi System Scan Tool for BMW 

Top 5 Reasons to Get Creator C310+:

1. Newest version: V8.0
    Free download link : https://mega.nz/#!pYpSBRbZ!46NKWn5yK3-OL01s9TqFIJ4Iv-8Kj1wVw4h8ZyTcWMU
2. Support software update online for free, also we provide one year warranty for it.
3. Support English and German. You can update for more languages later
4. Free Shipping from USA warehouse, very fast to USA customers. 

5.Function: Read trouble codes / Clear trouble codes / Displays live data stream and graph display and vehicle version information / Clear adaptation / Engine oil reset

Note:This BMW C310+ code reader does not have test component function.

Add function:

1. add EGS system clear adaptation function

2. Add CBS Reset function include

    Diesel particle filter(only E chassis)
    Front brake
    Rear brake
    Brake fluid
    Microfilter(only E chassis)
    Spark plugs(only E chassis) 
    Vehicle check(only E chassis)


1. 2.8” color LCD display , 320 x 240 Pixel
2. support for USB 2.0 upgrade, Free Upgrade
3. Hand-held, easy to carry and operate

Supported BMW between 1997 to 2013:

1 Series: 1'_E81/E81/E87/E88
3 Series: 3'/Z3_E36,3'_E46,3'_E90/E91/E92/E93
5 Series: 5'_E39,5'_E60/E61,5'_GT(F07),5'_F10/F11
6 Series: 6'_E63/E64,6'_F12/F13
7 Series: 7'_E38,7'_E65/E66,7'_F01/F02/F03/F04
X Series: X3_E83,X5_E53,X5_70,X6_E71,X1_84
Z Series: 3'/Z3_E36,Z4_E85/E86,Z4_E89
MINI:     MINI_R50/R52/R53,MINI_R55/R56
Include : Drive , Chassis and Body all system

BMW Code Reader C310+ Scanner Specifications:

1. Display: 2.8” ,Color , 320 x 240 pixel display with contrast adjustment
2. Operation Temperature: -20 ℃ -- 75 ℃
3. Stroge Temperature: -40 ℃ -- 120 ℃
4. Power: 8V -- 18V
5. Dimensions: 135mm x 85mm x 26mm
6. Net Weight: 250 g Gross Weight: 450 g
7. Certification: CE, FCC , RoHS


Q1: This work on 1998 Bmw 528i 1998 for abs sensor
A1: Hi, you may need a 20 pin adaptor to make it work 
Q2: Will this work for a 2000 323i
A2: It should work for many different BMW models. When you first plug it in to your car it asks you a series of questions such as what series you have then what model you have. The older years need an adapter because the plug end is different but it should work. 
Q3: Does creator c310+ work for BMW x3 f25
A3: Don't know. I think this is the newer one than mine. They are software updateable, so if the software is available, then probably yes. It's a good thing to have. 
Q4: Can this register a new battery in a 08 e60
A4: Sorry it cannot. I confirmed with my supplier, creator products cannot do this function.  
Customer feedback:
I tried this on my friend's BMW and it provided tons of information. It even shows the VIN number. If you are buying a used vehicle, this is a sure way to confirm VIN and do background checks. Very easy to connect the connector under the hook and follow instructions. Manual is excellent and very readable. A sample was provided for review purposes.
Worked like a charm to reset throttle adaptations and also regular codes. Easy to use.
Bought to clear out airbag warning and to reset service intervals in the future when I change oil, etc. Works great. Very intuitive interface. Definitely recommend!
The unit i Received had version 6.4 installed. Works fine on my Mini Cooper. Can access all areas and reset Airbag and ABS.

Package Including:
A) C310+ Scanner – for test vehicle
B) User’s Manual – Instructions on tool operations.
C) CD – Include User’s Manual, Update Software and etc.
D) USB Cable – Used to upgrade the scan tool.

How to update BMW Creator C310+ Fault Code Scanner

1. Download the updating tool and updating software.


2. open the updating tool , choose the updating software. (it display creator c100, ignore it.)


3. Waiting for about 10 minutes. Update success.



BMW Creator C310+ Feedback:It works for air bag and service lights, for real!

I have a 2004 330ci coupe and had a Service Engine Soon and Airbag Light on. I received this scanner and literally bypassed the instructions, plugged it in, ran diags and found my problems within minutes. I reseated a cable for the sevice code and recognized the Airbag code was due to previous repairs and did not reset. I was able to delete all codes, restarted the car and the annoying dash lights were gone. I asked the shop to run the codes for me when they changed my oil and they said it would be a couple hundred bucks just to hook the car up for diagnostics. I immediately ordered this tool and I am happy to report that it saved me time, money and gave me a piece of mind knowing exactly what was wrong with my car. Very easy to use.


How to use BMW Creator C310+ V7.2 Code Reader to diagnose E90

Tech support

BMW Creator C310 V5.5 Code Reader technical support
BMW Creator C310 V5.5 Code Reader technical support 
Turn the ignition off when plug the C310 main unit into the vehicle's 16 pin OBD2 socket. The Creator C310 will full of power supply after connect with vehicle. After that, turn the ignition on either with engine on or off. Press any key to enter the main interface. Two function options are list on the main menu: DIAGNOSTIC & SYSTEM CONFIGURATION
Step 1 Select the "SYSTEMM CONFIGURATION" button in the main menu and click "OK" to continue.
Step 2 The menu screen will display system information and beeper options.
Step 3 Select "SYSTEM INFORMATION" button. The screen will display SN, hardware, software (version& date) information. Notice: The current software is the newest V4.4.
Step 4  Select "OPEN" or "CLOSE" button to keep on running the software or close the software
Step 1 Select "DIAGNOSTIC" button in the main menu
Step 2 The screen will display BMW series information. Select your vehicle type.
Step 3 Select your exactly vehicle model in the next program.
Step 4 Three diagnostic module options: driver, chassis and body are list on the menu. Select "Chassis" button.
Step 5 Select the vehicle module you want to detect and click "OK"
If the Creator C310 fails to communicate with vehicle module, the below error will display. Follow the instruction, turn off the key first and then turn on the key to try again.
Step 6 If the device communicate well with engine module, it will come to the diagnostic menu. Select "Read Trouble Code" button.
Step 7 The detected trouble code will display on the screen menu.
Step 8 Click "Erase Trouble Code" button, it will clear the fault code automatically.
Step 9 Select "Read Datastream", the screen will display general data scream information. Click the button one by one to check detail data information.
Step 10 Select "Information" button, the screen will display the vehicle information listed as below. Click "BACK" to return to the diagnostic menu.

eOBDShop has launched new V5.1 BMW Creator C310 multi system scanner with legitimate authorization.
V5.1 Creator C310 BMW Scanner User Guide

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