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New Version ECM Titanium V1.61 with 18475 Driver

New Version ECM Titanium V1.61 with 18475 Driver

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ECM Titanium is the new software that allows you to accurately interpret and edit the files stored inside the memory of the Engine Control Unit (ECU), without any
difficulty. With more than 18.000 Drivers of ECM Titanium, you can identify different maps (injection, spark-advance, pressure, Turbo, etc.) and act on the limiters saved inside the files.
NEW Version ECM Titanium V1.61 with 18475 Driver

Language List:

New Version ECM Titanium V1.61 with 18475 Driver language list

ECM Titanium V1.61 Description:

ECM Titanium allows you to accurately and easily, autonomous and completely safe to interpret the files that are contained inside the motor controller. 
By using the Driver, which represent true "table of contents" for the reading of the files contained in the control units, you can easily stored in the file maps and the main rev determine to increase the engine power, or simply to optimize the consumption 
The outstanding component of this product are its drivers the latest Generation. They offer a well-structured and functionally powerful interface to projects in terms of the machined in ECM Titanium to create and manage files. After the memory of the control unit contained file has been read, it is sufficient load it. Then the software starts a search to the presence of compatible drivers both in the personal, as well as in the online database to check. Thanks to the studies of our developers, allows the software going directly to the main areas of influence: control of Air-fuel ratio, engine torque, injection system, rail, turbo and many other options are available.

table view 
The tabular representation of the data contained in the data read from the controller file is the easiest, fastest and most understandable way, 
to interpret the values ​​to increase or decrease. By clicking on the desired map, the main screen is replaced by a table that was created by crossing existing on the two axes parameters. So you can go directly to the 
physical map information, such as. B. Nm, Bar and mm3, intervene. 
2D view 
The data is converted in 2D graphs. Through this graphical representation, you can try to optimize the existing data in the engine control unit 
and act on only one of the characteristic fields contained in the driver, only one byte on any map or to an indication within the file. 
3D View 
The new 3D-graphics engine allows you to interact with the data in an existing driver map. You can change the values ​​directly from the chart window 
  zoom, rotate and edit. 
Hexadecimal view 
All files of the engine control unit have a hexadecimal structure. This numerical representation system is extremely common because of the computer science 
direct relationship of a hexadecimal number with four binary digits. By this hexadecimal window of ECM Titanium, you can interpret the file structure and 
It is a bit sequence for testing the completeness of the data is used. Each time you click a single bit act, interpreted and corrected ECM Titanium automatically control sequence. Therefore, a successful course guaranteed, no matter whether you work in real time or whether a file must send to your slave.

New Version ECM Titanium 1.61 with 18475 Driver Display:

New Version ECM Titanium 1.62 with 18475 Driver display 1

New Version ECM Titanium 1.62 with 18475 Driver display 2

Package including:

1DVD x ECM Titanium 1.61 18475 WITH DRIVER

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