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EMIE Infrared Electron Temperature Gun

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Product Description


1. Emie-X6 With ±0.2℃(32.36℉)high-precision imported sensor: 
The imported sensor receives the infrared rays from the forehead,collects forehead temperature data multiple time instantly.
2.Non-contact measurement: 5cm-15cm(0.16ft-0.5ft) range measurement.
3.One-second quick temperature read:avoiding cross infection temperature measurement.
5.Pay attention to health in time: when the reading is more than 37.5℃(99.5℉), the buzzer will be triggered.
4.HD LCD display: Simple and clear,easy to access temperature data.
6.One button quick measurement,double modes measurement: 
Human body temperature:28℃-42℃(82.4℉-107.6℉)
Object temperature: 0℃-110℃(32℉-230℉)
7.Mute function: 
Click the mute button to enter the mute mode to measure the temperature at any time without any disturbing noise.
Product parameters:
 Model  JPD-FR202
 Measure Distance  5cm-15cm(0.16ft-0.5ft)
 Temperature range  Object :0℃-110℃(32℉-230℉)
 Human body: 28℃-42℃(82.4℉-107.6℉)
 Operation condition  12℃-35℃(53.6℉-95℉) RH≤85%(Under Non-condensing Condition)
 Storage condition  -25℃-55℃(-13℉-131℉) RH≤95%(Under Non-condensing Condition)
 Screen display  HD LCD
 Power  DC1.5VX2(2AAA 7#)
 Energy consumption  Under sleep mode less than 6uA/45mA at startup
 Power reminder  LO icon will be displayed at low battery condition
 Display unit  Celsius ℃/Fahrenheit ℉
 Auto power-off function  Will be initiated in 10s without any operations

Product manual:
Name: EMIE Electronic Infrared Thermometer
Model: X6
Measuring distance: 5cm~15cm
(Measuring range)human body temperature:28℃~42℃(82.4℉~107.6℉) (Measuring range)object temperature: 0℃~110℃(32℉~230℉) Display resolution: 0.1℃/0.1℉
Operating environment:12℃~35℃(53.6℉~95℉) RH≤85%(Under Non-condensing condition)
Storage environment:-25℃~55℃(-13℉~131℉) RH≤90%(Under Non-condensing condition)
Power: DC1.5VX2(2AA 5#)
Energy consumption:Sleep current is less than 6μA/the maximum current is 45mA under power-on measurement state
Power reminder: LO will be displayed when battery is low Display unit: Celsius (℃) / Fahrenheit (℉) 
Object surface temperature Body temperature
Current value Previous value
UP : Change parameters when setting
Check environment temperature under normal conditions
SET : Press and hold for 3 seconds to enter parameter settings:
F1 Celsius/Fahrenheit switch
F2 set buzzer alarm temperature
F3 surface temperature/body temperature mode switch
F4 manual temperature calibration F5 on / off silent mode
TEST : Press this button to turn on and the measurement results appear
DOWN : Change parameters when setting Save the current measured result
Measuring body temperature with forehead temperature
Wipe away any perspiration and push back hair from the forehead, 
preventing sweat or dirt from affecting the measurement accuracy Since the sensor is sensitive to the ambient temperature,
do not hold the temperature sensor for a long time
Measure the temperature of objects and rooms
After each measurement, clean the sensor head with a soft cloth, and then store the machine in a dry and ventilated place
size: 46 x 31.5 x 38.5cm
packing in 2084 cartons only
EMIE Infrared Electron Temperature Gun 1
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EMIE Infrared Electron Temperature Gun 14
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EMIE Infrared Electron Temperature Gun 16

EMIE Infrared Electron Temperature Gun 17

 1pc x EMIE NO. Emie-X6 INFRARED ELECTRON Thermomete 
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