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2015 V6.3 FVDI Commander For Renault with Dongle (with Free Hyundai/Kia/Tag Key Tool software)

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Product Description

  1. FVDI Commander For Renault with Free Hyundai/Kia/Tag Key Tool software
  2. Version:V6.3
FVDI Commander For Renault

1.Promtion:Now buy 2015 FVDI Commander ,we send Nissan 20-digit code calculator as gift! 
  You need to connect the dongle to FVDI unit and close the FVDI software to work.
2.If you want to update your FVDI ,please go to here:FVDI New Version Software Update guide
3OS required :Windows xp only ,the installation tips please check here: FVDI new version installation FAQ
4.Buy FVDI Renault Commander, we will send you Hyundai/Kia/Tag key tool software for free. 
5.About the software update:if any upgrades,we can send you upgrade package for one year free.
6.If you want to read the pincode or correct the mileage in BSI please go buy :PSA BSI tool 
7. FVDI  6.3 software free download: https://mega.nz/#!X9Vm0DaQ!4NITKow49MJFbIQ0RvIZ25UHCgWxZ3W-B5tac4omAPM
8. Supported languages: English, Czech, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian.

FVDI Commander Functions:

  Connecting with all electronic control modules in the vehicle. Working by K and CAN bus diagnostic connection.
  For all electronic control units reading identification data
  For all electronic control units read and clear error (DTCs)
  For all electronic control units live data (measured values)
  For all electronic control units coding/configuration
  For all electronic control units actuator tests
  Airbag crash data clear Dacia Logan/Duster by OBDII
  Program ID in UCH module
  Mileage recalibration in Instrument cluster (JC) - Laguna III, Megane III, Fluence, Master III, Scenic III, Scenic/Modus (2003-2004), Clio II, Kango by OBDII
  Mileage Recalibration by OBDII - Renault Megane II, Renault Clio III 2005 year (Visteon instrument cluster), Renault Megane II 2004 - 2005 year (JC instrument cluster)
  Mileage recalibration for Renault Clio/Kango/Meganne with HC908 JAEGER by dash connector
  Key programming function / pin code reading :
    - Meganne II X84 2003-2006
    - Renault Megane II Ph2 X84 2007+
    - Renault Megane III X95 2009+
    - Renault Megane III X95 2011+ **
    - Renault Scenic II X64 2003+
    - Renault Scenic II Ph2 X64 2007+
    - Renault Scenic III X95 2009+
    - Renault Scenic III X95 2011+ **
    - Renault Laguna II X56 2000-2005
    - Renault Laguna II Ph2 X74 2005-2007
    - Renault Laguna III X91 2007+
    - Renault Valsatis X73 2002+
    - Renault Valsatis Ph2 X73 2006+
    - Renault Espace IV X81 2003-2006
    - Renault Espace IV Ph2 X81 2006+
    - Renault Master Ph2 X70 2002-2006
    - Renault Master Ph3 X70 2007+
    - Renault Traffic II X83 2002-2006
    - Renault Traffic II Ph2 X83 2007+
    - Renault Kango MUX Ph2 X76 2002-2007
    - Renault Kango X61 2008+
    - Renault Clio II Ph2/3 X65 2002-2006
    - Renault Clio Symbol
    - Renault Clio Symbol 2010+ (BCM JC)*
    - Renault Clio Thalia
    - Renault Clio Campus
    - Renault Clio Sedan
    - Renault Clio Classic
    - Renault Clio III 2005+
    - Renault Clio III with key card
    - Renault Modus 2004+
    - Renault Grand Modus 2008+
    - Renault Master III X62 2010+
    - Dacia Duster 2010+ (BCM JC) *
    - Dacia Logan X90 2004-2008
    - Dacia Logan Ph2 X90 2008+
    - Dacia Logan 2010+ (BCM JC) *
    - Dacia Sandero B90 2008+
    - Dacia Sandero 2010+ (BCM JC) *
    - Dacia Solenza 2003-2005
    - Renault-Samsung SM3 2006+
    - Renault-Samsung QM5
    - Renault-Samsung SM3
    - Renault-Samsung SM5
    - Renault Fluence 2009+ *
    - Renault Fluence (BCM immobilizer) 2009+
    - Renault Fluence (BCM immobilizer) 2011+ **
    - Renault Twingo Ph2 X06 2002-2007
    - Renault Twingo II X44 2007+
    - Opel Vivaro 2002-2006
    - Opel Vivaro Ph2 2007+
    - Opel Movano Ph2 2002-2006
    - Opel Movano Ph3 2007+
    - Opel Movano B 2010+
    - Nissan Primestar Ph2 2002-2006
    - Nissan Primestar Ph3 2007+
    - Nissan Platina 2002-2008
    - Renault Latitude
    - Renault Koleos

* Programmer is also needed - ZN001 - TAG programmer

** ABPROG (ZN030) is also needed

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 V6.3 FVDI Commander For Renault 1

 V6.3 FVDI Commander For Renault  2

FVDI Connection Tips:
1.Please plug the dongle  to the unit and don't connect the interface to the PC or vehicle when the software is running the authorization ,and 
2.The unit it working ok when the green light on while red light indicating there is something wrong.
3.When work on the vehicle,please first plug the dongle to the unit ,then connect the unit to the PC, finally plug the unit to the vehicle.


Software installation guide for FVDI FWDownloader

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