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Lonsdor ST-P181 Porsche Idle Start-stop/Fault Code Reader

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Product Description

ST-181 include setting idle start-stop system and clearing fault code is lightweight, portable and easy to operate. It is is a simple tool from Lonsdor and customized for Porsche owners.

Lonsdor ST-P181 Idle Start-stop/Fault Code Reader for Porsche

The device will be available next week.
Top 5 reasons to get Lonsdor ST-P181 
1.ST-181 is a simple tool from Lonsdor and it is customized for Porsche owners.

2.Its main features include setting idle start-stop system and clearing fault code.

3.The device is lightweight, portable and easy to operate.

4.It requires no more specialized knowledge to get started and it is an  essential vehicle maintenance tool for Porsche owners.

5.ST-P181 Porsche simplified tool is used for the Porsche vehicle with idle start-stop function.,
   it can memorize the start-stop state when a car stalls. For example, if the start-stop functionif off/on after a car stalls, the next time you start the car then the memory will start in the closed/open state.

Note: A:The mechanism of this feature is not directly to cancel the idle start-stop,but to remenber the start of the latest start-stop function. In addtion, restore facorty setting is also available.

         B: It can apply to clearing the car fault code. For example, if the engine fault light is on, you don't have to go to repair shop to clear it
        C: After the purchase please connect the tool to vehicle OBD and read vehicle VIN code. Once confirmed, it can only be used in this car. After reparation, the vehicle will be restored to the facroty settings. Morever, ST-P181 can be used to                         open/close the function of memorizing the car start-stop state unlimitedly.
Why use it
1.Reduce engine damage.
2.Reduce battery damage.
3.Reduce spark plug damage.
4.Increase air conditioning comfort.
5.Avoid the road trouble caused by a slow start of the car after parking.
6.Avoid water flowing into engine while restaring car on a rainy day.
7. Have a better driving experience.
Lonsdor ST-P181 Supported Porsche Models:
1. 911 (991) 2012-15
2. Boxster (981) 2013-15
3.Cayman 2nd generation 2010- (92A) 2013-15
4.Cayman (981) 2015-17
5.Macan 2014-17
6.Panamera 2010-16


How to use Lonsdor ST-P181 Porsche maintenance tool

Tech support

Option 1: Choose “Start and stop function settings”

Press the icon “Start”

how-to-use-lonsdor-st-p18- for-porsche-03


When this function is enabled, it can remember the state of idle start/stop when the car was shutting down last time.


Reading vehicle information.

how-to-use-lonsdor-st-p18- for-porsche-04


Whether to bind VIN code xxx is the car in use?  After binding, this function can only be used by the car.

how-to-use-lonsdor-st-p18- for-porsche-05

Memorize the open/close state of idle start/stop system after the car is shutting down.

The start stop function will be restored to the factory state.

Press “Enter”, get the current data XXX and press the up and down button to reset the value you want.

how-to-use-lonsdor-st-p18- for-porsche-06


Confirming system…

how-to-use-lonsdor-st-p18- for-porsche-07


how-to-use-lonsdor-st-p18- for-porsche-08

Setup complete.

how-to-use-lonsdor-st-p18- for-porsche-09

Option 2: Clear fault codes

how-to-use-lonsdor-st-p18- for-porsche-10

Press the icon “Start”


Clearing fault code, please wait…

how-to-use-lonsdor-st-p18- for-porsche-11

The fault code is cleared.

how-to-use-lonsdor-st-p18- for-porsche-12

Option 3: Choose “Check binding information”

The device is already bound to the car with VIN.

how-to-use-lonsdor-st-p18- for-porsche-13

Lonsdor ST-P181 for Porsche to reset idle start-stop & clear fault codes

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