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Launch X431

EZdiag Original Launch M-Diag lite for iOS Android IPAD Built-in Bluetooth OBDII

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18cm*12cm*4cm     ( Inch: 7.09*4.72*1.57 )
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Product Description

M-Diag is an easy to use OBDII diagnostic tool designed with the professional technician in mind. The device is small and portable, yet powerful enough to rival its competitors. Users have the option to purchase manufacturer specific car line software based on their needs. This feature allows for full-system diagnostics including bi-directional capabilities, quickly and easily from the convenience of your smart phone.
EZdiag Original Launch M-Diag for IOS Android IPAD   Built-in Bluetooth OBDII
Top 6 Reasons to Get Launch M-Diag:
1. Multi-Language available: English, Chinese, Spanish, French

2. Directly Update Online: update at Launch golo official site: www.golo.x431.com

3. Light and small OBDll device, easy to handle

4. Plug and play through Bluetooth connection with smart phone

5. Widest carline software coverage: Support the generic OBD, CAN bus, and proprietary protocols of over70 car manufacturers and2, 500 car models;

6. Support multiple special function software and actuation tests incl. Oil / Service reset,  ABS bleeding, IMMO & key programming, throttle body adaptation, brake pads, steering angle reset, battery matching, DPF regeneration, Injector coding
Kindly Note:
Launch X431 iDiag Auto Diag scanner will not come with software in the package, only hardware.
But we will offer you Launch X431 register name & password. 
M-Diag available on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store: 
Launch M-Diag Features

I/M Readiness Monitor  
Read DTC’s
Clear DTC’s
Read Freeze Frame Data 
Read and Graph Data Stream PID’s    
Full System Scan *   
Actuation Tests *  
Special Functions * 
M-Diag Specs: 
Vehicle port                                           Standard OBDII port              
Bluetooth                                              BT 2.0                
Typical power consumption             (12V) quiescent current 25mA 
Device operating current                  35mA    
Operating Temperature                   -20 to 55℃ ( -4 to 131°F )    
Storage Temperature                  -30 to 70℃ ( -22 to 158°F )        
Storage humidity                   < 80%      
Operating humidity            < 60%       
Dimensions                    48mm × 24mm × 65mm           
Net Weight                    55g            
Operating voltage            Vehicle battery DC entry 9 to 15V         
Package List:
1pc x M-Diag Connector
1pc x Password Paper

Tech support

(Customer feedback) Launch M-Diag Lite PCB board compare with Easydiag

I bought Launch M-Diag LitePlus and took it apart to check the PCB board. Compare with Easydiag, mostly same but better contacts used in the diagnostic socket.

Here share with you some Launch M-Diag Lite PCB real pictures:

Inside Launch M-Diag, I found a two-board design, the boards were tightly connected to each other by a pad of twenty jumpers.


One board with a multiplexer and a processor, and the other with a Bluetooth module and power system. And yes, there is a USB connector, just like LAUNCH EasyDiag.


On Launch M-Diag Lite main (processor) board there are the following markings:

LAUNCH 10200716

DBSCAR_MAIN_STM32F207 – name of the board and the processor used

2015.05.29 – production date

V1.00.000 – version of the board


On the “communication” board there are the following markings:


V1.00.000 – version of the board



2014.11.08 – production date

The main board has:


Processor STM32F207IGH6

Multiplexer JV700

Also on the board contacts are similar to the connection of the service connector.

The communication board uses only two controllers in the Bluetooth module:





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