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Mart Tool Key Programmer for All Keys Lost 2015-2018 support Jaguar Land Rover KVM FK72 HPLA

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Product Description

Mart tool for Landrover Jaguar KVM keys add and all keys lost programming. It is designed to add new keys and program new keys when all keys lost for Land rover and Jaguar KVM keys with Number FK72 HPLA.
Mart Tool Key Programmer for Jaguar Land Rover KVM (2015-2018) 

Mart tool is designed to add new keys and program new keys when all keys lost for Land rover and Jaguar KVM keys with Number FK72 HPLA.

Firstly You need to use other devices (i.e VVDI Prog) to read out the D-Flash and EEE data in the KVM, then use Mart tool to generate new key and data, finally write back to KVM.

Supports 2015-2018 new Land Rover Freelander. 

Mart Tool Key Programmer Software
Key programming tool for Jaguar & Land Rover lonsdor JLR-IMMO Mart Tool
Image /upload/pro/lonsdor-jlr-immo-key-tool-3-s.jpg  /upload/pro/mart-tool-key-programmer-for-land-rover-jaguar-xs.jpg
Price $499 $105 + another programmer
Register Do it yourself!Register via the official site http://u.lonsdor.com Helped by obd2eshop.com!Send the serial number (24-digit) to register your tool with a laptop
Activate Do it yourself!Get the activation code from the official site Helped by http://www.obd2eshop.com
Update Do it yourself!Free update online via the official site Helped by http://www.obd2eshop.comFree update with the new software set by the factory: Free Download Mart Tool JLR Software
Soldering No need soldering No need soldering
Connection OBD OBD
Time Save time!Connect to the car directly and then generate new keys Time-consuming!Read and write keys with different programming tool
Read data Yes It can read key data itself NYou have to get another programmer  (i.e VVDI Prog, Xprog) to read out the D-Flash and EEE data in the KVM
Write key info Yes Yes
Add a new key Yes Yes
All keys lost Yes Yes
KVM smart key FK72 Yes Yes
KVM smart key HPLA Yes Yes
FK72-14C104-BA NEW
FK72-14C104-BB NEW
FK72-14C104-BC NEW
FK72-14C104-BD NEW
FK72-14C104-BE NEW
FK72-14C104-BF NEW
BH42-14C184-AA NEW
UnknownTest it yourself
BJ32-14C184-AC NEW
UnknownTest it yourself
Car list Jaguar and Land Rover after Year 2016 Jaguar and Land Rover 2015-2018


Mart Device is far much less expensive than JLR-IMMO, however, you have to buy another programming instrument to browse essential factsThe truth is you will investextra money with Jaguar or Land Rover critical adding with Mart Software should youdonˉt possess a good JLR programmer and possess to acquire a whole new one. A programmer for JLR will price tag $50 ¨C $500, based on the standard along with yourcar or truck (some low cost won’t work together with your auto). Also, the car list is unclear that you simply really should have a threat to test on your own.

JLR-IMMO will be a good solution of key programming for Jaguar and Land Rover. Easy to make new keys through OBD – save time a lot! It’s used with expertise, trustworthy and relief because it comes from Lonsdor, the producer of K518ISE key programmer. The team is equipped with professional knowledge and rich experience in programming keys.

Package includes
1pc x Mart tool Key Programmer for Land Rover and Jaguar


How to use Mart Tool to Program Range Rover FK72 HPLA KVM all keys lost

Tech support

Here are a lot of questions and answers of Jaguar and Land Rover key programming:
Part 1.Mart Tool Key Programmer FAQ
Q: Is there any good car key programmer for Jaguar and Land Rover?
A: Yes. You can do JLR IMMO using MART Tool.
Q: Which auto key tool for new JLR MY2015-2018?
A: Mart tool is confirmed to work with JLR MY2015-2018.
Q: Possible to use MART TOOL for new Land Rover key programming?
A: Yes. MY2015-2018 is verified to work no issue with MART TOOL.
Q: Does anyone have a good success of MART Tool?
A: Yep. Real pros working for obd2eshop.com tested it.
Look here: MART Tool 100% Tested!
Step 1: connect the immo to VVDI-Prog
Step 2: read data with VVDI-Prog
Step 3: generate a dealer with MART TOOL
Step 4: write data with VVDIProg
Step 5: install the immo
Step 6: test the new dealer key
Part 2.How to solve "file link unavailable"
Mart tool error "file link unavailable" has solution.

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