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Product Description

Hand-held NSPC001 Automatic Pin Code Reader plug to Nissan OBD2 socket and get PIN code for most Nissan cars and read out BCM codes,no need to install software, can directly use, more convenient.

NSPC001 Automatic Pin Code Reader for Nissan

Top 7 Reasons to Get NSPC001 Pin Code Reader:

1. Support all Nissan cars that can read out BCM codes.

2. Can transfer 5-digit code to 4-digit code, the newest 20-digit code to 20-digit code.

3. No computer is needed, plug and play, automatic transfer.

4. With 100 point built-in tokens.

5. No deduction for 5-digit code to 4-digit code.

6. 1 point will be deducted for each success transfer of new 20-digit code to 20-digit code and successful reading of BCM code.

7.Ship from USA warehouse,very convenient to USA customers.

Kindly note:

When 100 tokens used up, you can still use it to get 4-digit code. But you need buy a new one if you want new 20-digit pin code reading.

OBDSTAR F102 VS Nissan Nspc001

OBDSTAR F102 VS Nissan Nspc001

NSPC001 Nissan Automatic Pin Code Reader VS Nissan Pin Code Reader with 2000 Tokens(SS69)

1. NSPC001 is hand-held, no need install software, can directly use, more convenient.

2. NSPC001 contain 100 tokens, this 100 tokens support newest 20 digit pin code reading. Nissan pin code reader with 2000 tokens do not support 20 digit pin code reading. When you used up NSPC001 100 tokens, it still able to calculate 4 digit code, which is same as Nissan pin code reader while NSPC001 no need tokens for 4digit code calculate.

3. When you used up NSPC001 100 tokens, it still able to calculate 4 digit code, which is same as Nissan pin code reader.

NSPC001 Speicifcation:

Main Unit (L*W*H): 9*7*3 cm

Package Size (L*W*H): 17*11.3*6 cm

Cable length: 70cm

Customer Feedback for NSPC001

Review 1: 
I have a Launch x431 scanner that can program keys and fobs. Unfortunately for my new 2015 Nissan Murano, it can program the key fobs, but cannot read the new 20 digit pin. The scanner picks up the pre-pin code, but that's it. There was really no other option other than to pay the dealership or a locksmith more money that what this costs, so I bought this and gave it a try. First, I connected this device to the OBDII port on my car. It powered up and showed the serial number for the device and the remaining credits. (Started at 101). The device has an OBDII pass-through to attach the programming scanner. So this device to goes OBDII on car, then the scanner plugs into the OBDII port on this device. I started the key fob programming. As soon as I requested the pin, the device started counting down from 60 seconds and then displayed the new pin. I then entered that into my scanner and it then entered programming mode. Once that happens, you know everything is good. Without the pin you cannot enter programming mode. Once that happened I was able to program my key fob that came with the car, and another two I had purchased separately. I only had to use up one credit. I powered it back up and the count went from 101 to 100. Regardless, this worked out for me. This was on a 2015 Nissan Murano and was able to provide me the needed 20 digit pin for my scanner. Also note that this device will only provide you with the pin. It will do nothing else. It has no programming capability. The only thing that was disappointing is that all you get in the box is the device. Zero papers, zero instructions. Nothing other than the boxed device. However it did what I needed, and would not know how else to do this myself without purchasing some other key fob programmer which would be in the hundreds of dollars. If you have a scanner that programs Nissan key fobs, but need a 20 digit pin, this is what you need.

Review 2 :
Works well. This is not a "stand alone" pin code reader though  

FAQ for NSPC001

Question: Can you program a new key with this?
Answer: No this only is used to convert BCM code for programmer so you don't have to use other pc based software.

Question: Do I need to buy anything else to program the key or this is sufficient?
Answer: This is pin code reader, if you want program a key you need buy other key programmer like skp900

Question: Will this tool read the pin code for Nissan Rogue 2016?
Answer: It will read the pin but not program the new key

Question: Will it work for 2014 Nissan X-Trail 20 digit code?
Answer: You must have diagnostic equipment capable of reading the code, this is a passthrough device that will decode the 20 digit code but it will not program the key or anything else. If you are using this for a one time event you are better off to find a locksmith or go to a dealer.

Question: Will it work on a 95 pickup?? What do you recommend?
Answer: Not needed on a 95. This is for pin codes for key programming only. Does not read Engine codes.

NSPC001 Package List:

1 pc x NSPC001 Automatic Pin Code Reader for Nissan 
NSPC001 Automatic Pin Code Reader for Nissan 


How To Use NSPC001 Nissan Automatic Pin Code Reader

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