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OBDSTAR BMT-08 Battery Tester and Car Battery OBD2 Match tool100-2000 CCA 220AH 12V/24V Automotive Load

OBDSTAR BMT-08 Battery Tester and Car Battery OBD2 Match tool100-2000 CCA 220AH 12V/24V Automotive Load

Item No. AD121
Manufacturer: OBDSTAR
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28cm*13cm*6cm      ( Inch:11.02*5.12*2.36 )
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OBDSTAR BMT-08 Car Battery Analyzer is the best to vehicle repair and condition check for all of lead-acid batteries.It can be used for 12V/24 V lead acid-storage battery and automotive battery match via OBD

OBDSTAR BMT-08 Car Battery Tester & Match tool


OBDSTAR BMT-08 Car Battery Analyzer can be used as a tester for 12V and 24 V lead acid-storage battery with the
processing of starting up and charging electrical loading, and also automotive battery match via OBD.
By virtue of great design,easy operation, precise reading, the tester supplies the readings with a LCD screen.
This tester is the best solution to battery sales,vehicle repair and condition check for all kinds of lead-acid batteries
that used in equipment system associated  with lead-acid battery. 

Application Range

1). Battery test coverage:
All car/ truck lead-acid starting battery, including regular flooded , EFB,GEL, AGM spiral , AGM flat plat
2) Battery match coverage:(Please check our vehicle list for detail coverage)



Working Range: 8V~30V
Working Temperature: -20℃~50℃
Working battery Range:  100~2000CCA
Test Standards OBDSTAR BMT-08
CCA 100-2000
DIN 100-1400
EN 100-2000
IEC 100-1400
SAE 100-2000
JIS 26A17-245H52
GB 30-200Ah
BCI 100-2000
CA 100-2000
MCA 100-2000

Package includes:

1pc x OBDSTAR BMT-08  Car Battery tester & match tool
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