2012.02autocon on price down

All autocom units are on price down, buy 2012.02 version you can save 5usd more.

Autocom CDP+ 3 in 1
Autocom CDP for cars/ trucks
Bluetooth Autocom, Autocom with TF card

All autocom is 2012.02 newest version, if you buy 2011 version autocom, you can also update to 2012.02 version, just to buy the active service, here is the link for you to update your 2011 autocom: http://www.obd2eshop.com/wholesale/20122-autocom-cdp-latest-software-and-active-version-2229.html
Only 19.99usd, you can update your autocom to 2012.02 version.

More information, you can turn to