2013.10 Newest Version BMW ICOM /ICOM A2 Latest Software HDD

2013.10 BMW ICOM ISTA-D:3.39.42 ISTA-P:50.4.000 Latest Software HDD For Lenovo Dell Laptop

Software Version:
VIN: 2013.10.15
Not connected 9000 days remaining 

Also the old version BMW ICOM softwares have their price down!
If you have interest in the softwares ,please click the following titles for more information:

BMW ICOM Software Price(USD)
2013.10 BMW ICOM  209.99
2013.09 BMW ICOM  189.99
2013.08 BMW ICOM  179.99
2013.05 BMW ICOM  149.99
2013.03 BMW ICOM  139.99
2013.01 BMW ICOM  129.99
Kindly note that 2013.10 and 2013.08 softwares also support Japanese and Korean if you need.