How to solve PCMTuner Mercedes EDC17CP01 Skipping 14000 – 1FFFF?

What problem? I try to read  Mercedes C320cdi edc17cp01 ecu with pcm tuner.
Skipping when I upload a modified file to pcmtuner, the ignition turns on and off continuously.
Pcmtuner Mercedes Edc17cp01
Calibration area so skips other parts of memory as informed, its normal, the problem is your file.
Between 14000 – 1FFFF is otp it’s the Service area. In module 71 it skips OTP area as this area is the part that can only be read but never rewritten.
Ask someone else to do your file remap.
You can Set this in settings when a complete write is Necessary.
You can find settings when you click on write a settings screen opens.