How to Update Ford F150 2022 to 2023 75th Splash Screen?

Question: This is the Sync4 75th splash on a 2023 Superduty F150. Wondering if this can be used on the 2021-2022s, even with any latest OTA updates?’

Ford F150 Splash Screen 1

That change is actually on the ’23s but 2022 models can get them.

The 75th splash



You may need to be on Sync 4 build 22228 for it to be there (Only available for 22’s right now). If you’re not on that build you will likely need to wait till the OTA hits before the 75th screen will load.

As for the settings updates, I switched mine from the Raptor to #24 after updating the AS BUILT data as well. It then took 3-4 complete boot cycles of the system before it finally updated to show the 75th screen. I only found this out when I switched from the default to the Raptor screen it took that many cycles before it updated. Just a power cycle of the key/button doesn’t seem like it’s enough. I ended up getting out locking the truck and waiting for the dash to shut down before opening the truck door and hitting the start button.

If you get 22228 installed on a 21 Module you will lose the ability to get more APIM updates.


UPDATE: New 75 year splash screen works perfectly on my personal ‘22 Ford F-150 Lariat. However the update doesn’t do anything on my work take-home ‘21 Ford F-150 XLT; seems like it’s still on Sync Version 22192, which needs to be on 22238. Still waiting on the next OTA update or so to get up-to-date.
If you have a windows laptop all you need is this: VXDIAG VCX Nano Ford Diagnostic Tool with IDS Programming Tool


I got it and had to install a couple of drivers and then the FDRS software and I was good to go. It’s $50 for 48 hours of access to FDRS. I updated my trailer module. That was the only module that showed an update but worked perfectly.