Notice for V91 Software of Ford VCM II

Notice for V91 Software of  Ford VCM II

The new version V91 is still the Beta version ,the factory is still delveloping it, if you don't want to use new version you can use old version V86 which won't produce trouble.

1.Each PC only has one chance for V91 software installation.
2.If the program doesn't show free trial for 3 days ,then it means your installation is failed ,you can't install the V91 on this PC any more.
3.The function of wifi will be invalid after installtion of V91.
4.You can't install other softwares on the PC once you have installed the V91 software and the frozen software.
5.If you can'y use the software after 3 days ,please change the system time to the date you installed the software, then you can go on use it .