Paypal will Refund Return Costs for you if you would like to return the package

Refunded return costs for you

Nowadays Paypal launch a Paypal Refunded Returns service for 20 countries.
The service is favorable for customer who paid by paypal and want to return the package to us and no need spending extra shipping cost .
The service is valid for the following countries:

 Italian, French, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Finnish, Hungarian, Greek, Czech, Romanian, Slovak,
Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Croatian, Latvian, Estonian, Cypriot, Maltese and Swiss post regular mail

If, within the return period and in accordance with the return conditions authorized by the seller or merchant, for items entirely paid using your PayPal account, You decide, for whatever reason, not to keep said items and to return them to the seller or merchant, You may issue refund request of the shipping costs (hereinafter: the "Refund request”) related to that return.

For the details of the requirment of your refund request, please go to the following link: