Problem Autel IM608 Renault Clio V Unlocking Failed, Any solution?


I tried to diagnose a Renault Clio V 2020 with autel im608, it failed me and shows 2 errors.

“Please contact your distributor to purchase the lockout service.”

“Unlocking failed
Error Message: The software service is requesting has not been purchased.”

Any solution?

Im608 Renault Clio V Unlock Gateway 1
Im608 Renault Clio V Unlock Gateway 2


For Renault vehicle with gateway, you need to purchase the Renault gateway unlock authorization or use the Renault gateway adapter.

You can purchase Renault gateway unlock service from “OEM Authorization” function.

Autel Im608 Renault Gateway Authorization

Autel does not have a dedicated adapter for Renault. You can use OBDSTAR green adapter or other gateway connectors.

Obdstar Green Adapter