X431 Promotion sales

X431 Promotion sales

1.Best price for the following tools:

1.Launch X431 diagun III(SP150)   649USD
2.Launch X431 IV(SP151) 699USD
3.Launch X431 V(SP183) 899USD
4.Launch X431V+(SP184) 1399USD

2.you buy one of the following items you can get an idiag as a gift!
(You can click the title for more details)

1.Launch X431 Creader VII+ (CRP123) 
2.Launch X431 Creader VIII (CRP129)

As for the X431 idiag ,there are 5 specifications for your choice:

1.Gift X431 idiag for Android(SC187)
2.Gift X431 idiag for IOS(SC189)
3.Gift X431 idiag for Mini Pad(SC190)
4.Gift X431 idiag for Samsung N8010(SC188)
5.Gift X431 idiag for  iPad and iPhone(SC154)