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VAS 5054A ODIS V5.2.6 diagnostic tool with bluetooth Support VW Audi Bentley Lamborghini

VAS 5054A ODIS V5.2.6 diagnostic tool with bluetooth Support VW Audi Bentley Lamborghini

  • Item No. SP33-B

VAS 5054A is a diagnostic tool for the vehicles of the Volkswagen Group and all OBD vehicle systems,add new car models Bentley and Lamborghini,can access the VAS 5054A via Bluetooth or USB.

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by John on Aug 12, 2020
Package came very quickly. All in the best possible way.
Replied by Erin on Aug 12, 2020
Dear sir,

Good day.Thanks for your Visit

Hoping we can enter a long term business relationship together, thank you.
If you need any help, don't hesitate to contact us. Whatsapp:+8618054815707

:-) Have a nice day.
by Mr.Sergey on May 27, 2016
i dont see photo pcb Bluetooth.
i see only connector for bluetooth
Replied by Cathy on May 27, 2016
Good day!
Thank you for your visit on our website.
Pls see attached, the marked one is the pcb Bluetooth. 
Any further questions please feel free to contact us.
Best regards!

by Denny on Nov 22, 2015
Thank you, l will like to order the cummins inline, so please send me the PayPal invoice I have a few more clients interest in more inline but for now I need 1 thank you let me now sun
Replied by Cathy on Nov 22, 2015
Dear Sir,

Thank you for you inquiry. The invoice will be sent to your paypal account within minutes.

Best regards,
by Denny on Nov 22, 2015
Hi, I am from Cidra PR post code 00739
Replied by Cathy on Nov 22, 2015
Dear Sir,
The shipping cost to Cidra PR 00739 Puerto Rico is 60USD by DHL. So the total cost will be 286USD.
Kind regards,
by Denny on Nov 22, 2015
Hello I will like to order another cummins insite please let me know price and how long it will take to have it here thank you
Replied by Cathy on Nov 22, 2015
Dear Sir,
The best price is 226USD, may I know your address and zip code so I can give you the shipping cost?
Kind regards,
Cathy Chou
by Mr.meskrino on Sep 26, 2015
there have:Bluetooth Support UDS Protocol with OKI Chip
Replied by Cathy on Sep 27, 2015
Dear Sir,

Do you mean if the tool is available? Yes, it is in stock now.

Best regards,

by Mr.Bruen Sudeep on Jan 14, 2015
Does the vas 5054a support cars 1999 onwards?
Replied by Nancy on Jan 14, 2015
Dear Mr.Bruen Sudeep :

Hello,if you car follow the OBD2 protocol then it can work on your car.

Kind regards,

by Mr.Attia on Dec 25, 2014
what about warranty?
Replied by Nancy on Dec 25, 2014
Dear Mr.Attia :

Hello,we provide with 1 year warranty.

Kind regards,
by Mr.chichi on Nov 14, 2013
Does the cd include Bently and Lamborghini?
Replied by Nancy on Nov 14, 2013
Dear Mr.chichi:

Hello,yes, the cd contains the software for Bently and Lamborghini.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Adam AlHamoui on Jul 16, 2013
I want to know does 5054A reset the ABS light and SRS (Airbag) light for VW AUDI Skoda SEAT?waiting for your reply.
Replied by caihonghong on Jul 16, 2013
Hi Dear friend,

Yes,it does.
by Mr.hnorthparka ken on Jul 16, 2013
Which tool is best to reset the airbag for VW Golf Plus 1.6 FSI 85 KW 2005?thank you.
Replied by caihonghong on Jul 16, 2013

I think 5054A is the best and reliable.

by Mr.John Harkin on Jul 16, 2013
VAS 5054a doesn’t support diagnosing the cars after 2007, right?
Replied by caihonghong on Jul 16, 2013

No, that’s not true. VAS5054a support diagnosing the cars up to 2013, we used to test successfully some models of 2011 and 2012 year. As for your car model after 2007 is not supported, you can try to diagnose some more models after 2007 to ensure whether 5054A supports your car or not.

thank you.
by Ms.Mark Hhn on Jul 16, 2013
When VAS 5054A is installed, an error message displays: FDICOPY()FAILED:CODE4 CORRUPT CABINE ERROR DURING EXTRACTING DTSPC.PR.CAB FILE,do you know the reason?
Replied by caihonghong on Jul 16, 2013
Hello friend,

There are three possible reasons: 1) your computer windows system is not compatible with 5054A software, it requires Windows XP system 2) the C: drive is not NTFS format 3) the hard disk has problem.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Nigel Mount on Jul 16, 2013

My computer is Windows XP French, is vas 5054a compatible with it?
Replied by caihonghong on Jul 16, 2013

yes, it is. But the C: drive need NTFS format.

by Mr.Johan Elfstrand on Jul 16, 2013
When vas5054 install, an error message display reading “FDICopy()failed:code 4[Corrupt cabinet]”.what is the problem?thanks.
Replied by caihonghong on Jul 16, 2013
Hi Dear friend,

 It means 5054A software is not compatible with your computer system, it requires windows XP (XP2 or XP3). This is English XP XP3 download link:, any more trouble on how to download this file, please contact us anytime anywhere.
by Ms.Iurii Tankievych on Jul 14, 2013
Replied by caihonghong on Jul 14, 2013
Hi dear friend 
Good day !
Yes ,it has ,thank you !
by Mr.mike ryan on Jul 14, 2013
what is the lastest software?
Replied by caihonghong on Jul 14, 2013
hi, dear friend
The software of this one is still V19.01.

by Mr.Pillowmillion on Jun 5, 2013
Hi,i've seen the Item No. SP33-B and Item No. SP33-B but cannot make the choice,which one you recommend?
Replied by Juliana on Jun 5, 2013
Do you mean SP33-A and SP33-B? Compared this two, they from different factory, SP33-A have a better quality than SP33-B.
Best regards!
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