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WAS Multi-Diag Truck Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool  with Bluetooth for Mercedes/IVECO/MAN/DAF/V-OLVO/RENAULT

WAS Multi-Diag Truck Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool with Bluetooth for Mercedes/IVECO/MAN/DAF/V-OLVO/RENAULT

  • Item No. SH49

WAS Multi-Diag developes from Europe, the DTCs and data is absolutely accurate, ad michell and alldata, WAS multi-diag truck includes maintenance information, manual, circuit diagram and device parameters.

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by R M SPALKA on May 9, 2019
Easy to use and gives great information.
Replied by Erin on Jun 18, 2019
Dear sir,

Good day.Thanks for your Support.

Hoping we can enter a long term business relationship together, thank you.
If need any help, don't hesitate to contact us. Whatsapp:+8618054815707
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:-) Have a nice day.

by Mr.Wenbin Liu on Jul 13, 2016
The CD it come with is blank these days. I don't know what happen with it, can u send me the software by email?
Replied by Cathy on Jul 14, 2016
Good day!
Thank you for your visit on our website.
Dear, it is too large to be sent by email.We can send u a new CD. 
Give me ur destination pls. 
Any further questions please feel free to contact us.
Best regards!
by Metry on Apr 18, 2016
Hello Cathy
I forgot to say thank you for sending my parcel to me on time and making it happen. I have finished my job using the special tool. I have also rented the tool out to another workshop so it paid for it self. Looking forward doing business again.
Replied by Cathy on Apr 18, 2016
Dear friend,
You are welcome. Thank you for your support.
Best regards,
by velaz on Mar 14, 2016
Hey , can you please send me the invoice for Item No. SH49
Replied by Cathy on Mar 14, 2016
Dear friend, 
Ok, we will send you the payment invoice to your email later. 
Best regards,
by Mr.Luis on Feb 17, 2016

I am interested in this device can you send me a good deal to my email and I will buy it thank you
Replied by Cathy on Feb 18, 2016
Dear friend,

Thank you for your inquiry? May I know your address and post code so I can provide you the price with shipping cost included?

Best regards,
by CARRERA on Jul 26, 2015
Can I uninstall this program and then install in Portuguese?
Oh you pass me the pin?

Replied by Cathy on Jul 26, 2015
Dear Sir,
Yes, it is possible. Please remember to choose the language as Portuguese when installing.
The PIN will be showed when you installing the software.
Please pay attention to the following notes when installing the software:
1) Hardware need active before using, when you install the software, send generated code, PN, FW, SN to
2) One multidiag truck software only can be used on one laptop. If you install the software on another laptop, send the new activation code to us, we will activate it for you again. But do not use the first laptop which you install the software firstly anymore. Because it will lock the hardware if you use the machine on two laptop at the same time.
3) Do not change the laptop time after you install this software ready. If you change the laptop time, please reinstall the system on this laptop first, then install and activate this software again to us. Or change another laptop to use this software.
Kind regards,
by CARRERA DIESEL on Jul 1, 2015
I need the activation key, please.
Replied by Nancy on Jul 1, 2015
Dear Mr.Carrera:
Hello,could you please take a screenshot of the window, we need to check the code so that we can generate the key ,thank you.
Please notice to activate within 24hours after generating the keys, and never try to update multidiag on your side.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Danniel on Jun 16, 2015
Hello,when are you available to for activation?
Replied by Nancy on Jun 16, 2015
Dear Mr.Danniel:

Hello,our working time is 9:00-12:00 am and 14:00-18:00 pm in +8 time zone ,you can send email to me at during this time.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Harin on Dec 2, 2014
Hello,what's your warraty of the multi-diag bluetooth truck tool?
Replied by Nancy on Dec 2, 2014
Dear Mr.Harin:

Hello,we provide with 1 year warranty.

Kind regards,

by Mr.hussam on Oct 12, 2014
r u have a tool it can open speed limi for 2008 > nissan atleon TK0 CHASSIS 95.19 CUMMINS ENGINE 4500L EUROPE SPAIN 9 PIN DATA LINK ECM P/N4921776

Replied by Nancy on Oct 12, 2014
Dear Mr.hussam:

Hello,thank you for your inquiry.
We don't have tool can work on your nissan atleon TK0 CHASSIS 95.19.
As for the CUMMINS ENGINE 4500L EUROPE SPAIN 9 PIN DATA LINK ECM P/N4921776,we suggest item cummins inline 5:

Kind regards,
by Mr.Mu on Jul 8, 2014
The Diagnosis function is very good, as well as bluetooth.
by Mr.Jacca on Jul 2, 2014
Je trouve que certains clients disent ce produit devez activer? est-il facile à utiliser?
Replied by Nancy on Jul 2, 2014

oui il besoin d'activer, mais ne vous inquiétez pas, il est très facile.

nous avons le manuel d'utilisation et vedio pour vous apprendre comment le faire.


by Mr.zariko on Jun 20, 2014
Please tell me the password for bluetooth,thanks.
Replied by Nancy on Jun 20, 2014
Dear Mr.zariko :

Hello,it's 1234.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Mechan on May 29, 2014
Hello,does the WAS Multi-Diag Truck Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool peogram ECU?
Replied by Nancy on May 29, 2014
Dear Mr.Mechan:

Hello,yes, it can.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Restvo on May 5, 2014
Hello,could you send the truck list to my mailbox?thanks.
Replied by Nancy on May 5, 2014
Dear  Mr.Restvo :

Hello,yes, we've sent it please have a check.

kind regards,
by Mr.SMAKHOV ANTON on Feb 22, 2014
Good afternoon. Please when will the next version of the software for MULTI-DIAG TRUCK and will be released if at all ?
Sincerely looking forward to a response.

Replied by Nancy on Feb 24, 2014

Hello,thank you for your message,
But we still haven't get any  news from the factory.

kind regards,
by Mr.khan on Feb 11, 2014
Nicei item ,works fine.
by Mr.Ianko on Feb 11, 2014
Can I do key programmer function on scania,man,banz?
Replied by Nancy on Feb 11, 2014
Dear friend:

Yes, you can try it

Thank you and best regards

Kind regards,
by Mr.Bnder Al-Hariri on Jan 16, 2014
what is the best price you can offer me including shippment cost.
also there's two electronic boxes one is the multi diag. what is the other one and what is the function of both, and are they both included with shippment
Replied by Nancy on Jan 16, 2014
Dear Mr.Bnder Al-Hariri :

Hello,thank you for your inquiry.
there is  only  one box.We can give you discount,
could you tell me your shipping address so we could calculate for you?

Kind regards,
by Mr.Henaen on Dec 25, 2013
Hello,If i make the payment now ,when you can ship it out?
Replied by Nancy on Dec 25, 2013
Dear Mr.Henaen:

Hello,we can ship it today or tomorrow,as it's in stock,thank you.

kind regards,

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