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2016.2 ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool Super Version  for BMW with HDD ISTA-D:3.48.20  ISTA-P:

2016.2 ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool Super Version for BMW with HDD ISTA-D:3.48.20 ISTA-P:

  • Item No. SP168-BO

1.Super Version ICOM A2+B+C for BMW is best car diagnostic tool for BMW. With newest software version 2016.2, its performance is better than ICOM.
2.The item comes with 2016.2 version software which can run on win 8.

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by chai on Oct 9, 2015
do you have new software HDD, software I com for bmw?
Replied by Cathy on Oct 9, 2015
Dear Sir,
Yes, we have ICOM software for BMW. The latest version is 2015.7, if interested:

Kind regards,

by Joe on Aug 13, 2015
Which one is better? A2 or A3?
Replied by Cathy on Aug 13, 2015
Dear Sir,

A3 is an updated vversion of A2.

Best regards,

by Mr.Harold Kane on Jun 21, 2015
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by Mr.Brian on Jun 11, 2015
Hello, does you insta a2 support wifi ?
Replied by Nancy on Jun 11, 2015
Dear Mr.Brian:

Hello,this item doesn't support wifi,please check  bmw icom wifi version from here:

Kind regards,
by Balley on Mar 24, 2015
How to update the bmw icom software?
Replied by Nancy on Mar 24, 2015
Dear Mr.Balley:

Hello,you can buy new version hdd to swap the old version one ,now new version is 2014.12

Or you can buy this one 2015.03, it can be updated online ,no need swapping the hdd:

Kind regards,
by Mr.kevin spies on Jan 13, 2015
Hello,do you sell laptop ,I was wondering if you can install the softaware on the laptop and then we can use it once we open the box.
Replied by Nancy on Jan 13, 2015
Dear Mr.Kevin:

Hello,yes we can install the software for can buy this bundle:

Kind regards,

by Mr.Actvoki on Jan 13, 2015
Hello,what's the password for start the bmw icom
Replied by Nancy on Jan 13, 2015
Dear Mr.Actvoki :

Hello,you can input both two or just input one password, the password is  "BMW"(capital).

Kind regards,

by Mr.K.Gro├če on Jan 9, 2015
Hallo, Artikel kam sehr schnell und war wie beschrieben. dank
by Mr.Bamalli on Dec 23, 2014
is the difference beween sp168-bo and sp168-bo2 just the language?
Replied by Nancy on Dec 23, 2014
Dear Mr.Bamalli:

Hello,yes the difference is the hdd ,the supported languages are different, the SP168-BO2 is more expensive than SP168-BO.

Kind regards,
by Mr.kanKran on Dec 21, 2014
Hi,does it support 2014 cars?
Replied by Nancy on Dec 21, 2014
Dear Mr.kanKran:

Hello,yes, it supports 2014 cars.

Kind regards,

by Eric on Dec 10, 2014
Hello just recceived my bmw icom package! the appeace the same as your website showed,hope it works fine for me:P
by Mr.John on Nov 25, 2014
Do you provide technical after-sale service?
Replied by Nancy on Nov 25, 2014
Dear Mr.John :

Hello,thank you for your inquiry.Yes, we provide technical service, you can send e-mail to us if any questions.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Bill on Nov 25, 2014
Hello, i would like to know if you can help me install the program?
Replied by Nancy on Nov 25, 2014
Dear Mr.Bill:

Hello,this is a internall hdd ,it's very easy to install ,just replace your hdd in your laptop by the bmw icom hdd.
And follow the steps of our user guide.
Or you can buy the bmw icom with the laptop and we will install it for you.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Cirus on Nov 20, 2014
Do you sell bmw icom a+b+c?
Replied by Nancy on Nov 20, 2014
Dear Mr.Cirus:

Hello,yes, we also sell bmw icom a+b+c,please check here:

Kind regards,
by Mr.Katro on Nov 11, 2014
Hello,what's the difference btween the sp168 and SP168-BO,the software are the same?
by Mr.Oniel on Oct 14, 2014
Hi,just want to know the warranty of your bmw icom?
Replied by Nancy on Oct 14, 2014
Dear Mr.Oniel:

Hello,we provide the bmw icom with 1 year warranty.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Jose L. Diaz on Sep 24, 2014

Hola, estoy interesado en su herramienta: "BMW ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool Super Version with 2014.09 HDD".
Por favor podría darme mas detalles de la herramienta "BMW ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool Super Version with 2014.09 HDD"

Saludos José Luis

Hello, i'm interested in the tool "BMW ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool Super Version with 2014.09 HDD"
Please would you give me more details about this tool: "BMW ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool Super Version with 2014.09 HDD"

Best regards, José Luis

Replied by Nancy on Sep 25, 2014
Dear Mr.José Luis:

Hello,thank you for your inquiry:)
Now our bmw icom comes with newest version software and it includes the enigineer version programming which requires buyers have certain professional technology.
You need to prepare a good PC for the running of the software,we recommned lenovo and dell series but if you have other model and would like to know if it can work with the BMW ICOM  you can ask us.
And please use our software not use software from other supplier .The steps of installtion you can also find from our technical service.It's under 1 year warranty .

Kind regards,

Hola, gracias por su pregunta :) 
Ahora nuestro icom bmw viene con la más nueva versión de software e incluye la programación de la versión enigineer que requiere compradores tienen cierta tecnología profesional. 
Es necesario preparar una buena PC para el funcionamiento del software, que a recomendado lenovo y dell serie pero si tienes otro modelo y quisiera saber si se puede trabajar con el BMW ICOM nos podemos preguntar. 
Y por favor, utilice nuestro software no utilizar software de otros proveedores .Los pasos de installtion podrá ver también desde nuestra service.It de técnico bajo garantía de 1 año.


by Mr.Alexa on Sep 21, 2014
Thanks have got it worked.
by Mr.Alexa on Sep 12, 2014
Hello,does the device need activation before work?
Replied by Nancy on Oct 8, 2014
Dear Mr.Alexa:

Hello, it doesn't need activation before work.You can use it when you receive the item.

Kind regards,
by Mr.De on Sep 12, 2014
Hello,when i boot my laptop ,the laptop ask for password
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