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[On Sale] GM Tech2 Diagnostic Tool for GM/SAAB/OPEL/SUZUKI/ISUZU/Holden With Black Carry box

[On Sale] GM Tech2 Diagnostic Tool for GM/SAAB/OPEL/SUZUKI/ISUZU/Holden With Black Carry box

Latest price:US$399.00
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  • Item No. SP23-B

GM Tech 2 comes with Authentic GM software and provides on-board diagnostics on all GM systems from 1992 to 2012, supports GM, SAAB, OPEL, SUZUKI, ISUZU and Holden with free 32MB card and CANDI module.

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by Mr.Lou on Jan 22, 2016
Thank you for the information. I will contact DHL
Replied by Cathy on Jan 22, 2016
Dear friend,
You are welcome. Thank you for your support.
Best regards,
by Mr.Lou on Jan 22, 2016
Hello, My item arrived last night and the cover for the case is broken.
Can I get another case. Photo of broken hinge enclosed.
Thank You,
Replied by Cathy on Jan 22, 2016
Dear Lou,
Sorry to hear that. The case is in good shape before delivery; please contact local DHL for compensation. About a new case, yes, we can send you a new one, the total cost including shipping cost is 54USD because the case itself is almost 4kg.

Kind regards,

by rex on Sep 18, 2015
Item No. SP23-B diagnose gm pu's too (1500,2500hd,3500?
Replied by Cathy on Sep 18, 2015
Dear Sir,
Yes, it will work on pickup 1500,2500hd and 3500. Just if the cars are 24v, you may need a power supply adapter.

Kind regards,

by amir on Sep 10, 2015
WHEN is my order being shipped ?
Replied by Cathy on Sep 10, 2015
Dear Sir,

Your order has been shipped, tracking number will be available in 1-3 days. We will keep you updated once we get the tracking number.

Best regards,

by Jonathan on Sep 3, 2015
I have received the scanner, works just fine
Replied by Cathy on Sep 3, 2015
Dear Sir,

Thank you for your suppor.

Best regads,


by Harry on Aug 31, 2015
I've owned the tech 2 scanner for nearly two months and have deleted the stupid OnStar system, so I don't get the annoying 'OnStar Malfunction' message every time I turn the car on, auto-unlock doors at key-out, and lots of other things. Comfort Close is a feature I had activated too, that's pretty cool, lol
Replied by Cathy on Aug 31, 2015
Dear Sir,
Great to hear that. Thank you very much for your support.
Best reagrds,
by Mr.Kaa on Apr 21, 2015
Hello,can i buy more cards?
Replied by Nancy on Apr 22, 2015
Dear Mr.Kaa:

Hello,it's ok ,please go to here:

Kind regards,
by Mr.Steve Gilbert on Jan 8, 2015
Hello,I login in your website by skimming through your blog and I'm very interested in your gm tech 2, just one thing would like to confirm ,what about its warranty?Will you give technical supprt for it?
Replied by Nancy on Jan 8, 2015
Dear Mr.Steve Gilbert:

Hello,thank you for your inquiry.
It's under one year warranty and we always provide technical support if you have any problems.

Kind regards,
by Mr.aldubyan on Oct 22, 2014
does it work exactly like the gm veronx tech ii ?
dous it support suv like yukon and tahoo scan/program mode
is there any cheaper shiping option paying $259 to kuwait is way to much

please advice ..regrds
Replied by Nancy on Oct 23, 2014
Dear Mr.aldubyan:

Hello,the gm tech is not like the original one.
It supports suv and the required voltage is 12v.
As for the yukon and tahoo mode we don't know that.
Please tell me your destination country and we will check if there is cheaper shipping method for you.
And you can use our coupon code eOBDShop when place the order to get another 6% discount.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Q on Sep 6, 2014
Hello,does it support anti-theft feature?
Replied #1. by Nancy on Sep 6, 2014
Dear Mr.Q :

Hello,yes, it support.

Kind regards,
Replied #2. by Nancy on Sep 6, 2014
Dear Mr.Q :

Hello,yes, it support.

Kind regards,
by Mr.MO on Sep 5, 2014
Hello,does it support Pickup truck
Replied by Nancy on Sep 5, 2014
Dear Mr.MO :

Hello,it's ok for 12V but not for 24V as it will burn the device unless you have power adapter then you can work on 24v truck.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Roman on Aug 31, 2014
so this item gm tech 2 comes with one card for one software?
Replied by Nancy on Sep 1, 2014
Dear Mr.Roman:

Hello,yes, it comes with one card.
You can choose the specification when you place the order.And if you want to work for more models,you can buy other cards.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Paul on Aug 24, 2014
I found you sell SP23-B3 with carton package, the difference beween SP23-B3 and SP23-B is only the carton box?
Replied by Nancy on Aug 26, 2014
Dear Mr.Paul :

Hello,yes, the only difference is the packing.

kind regards,
by Arnaldo Gamboa Camacho on Aug 16, 2014
buen dia saludos, el tech2 sirve para diagnosticos para todos las marcas de vehiculos?
Replied by Nancy on Aug 17, 2014
Dear Arnaldo Gamboa Camacho:

Hello,thank you for your inquiry, the GM Tech 2 can work on GM/SAAB/OPEL/SUZUKI/ISUZU/Holden.
And you need to buy the corresponding 32MB card if you want to do different models,this item only comes with one card which includes only one car model software.

Kind regards,
by Mr.ham on Aug 14, 2014
Just received my gm tech2, packing well, we will have a test later.
by Mr.Ca on Jun 27, 2014
Do I need to purchase the 32MB Card for GM TECH2 (GM,Saab,Opel,Isuzu,Suzuki,Holden) separately or does one come with it?
Would this diagnostic tool be the most suitable for a Vauxhall Vectra C (year: 2008)??
Replied by Nancy on Jun 27, 2014
Dear Mr.Ca:

For GM TECH 2, its package has one card, you can choose the card when you place the order, such as if you need GM english card, when you place the order, choose GM English, then we will send GM english card together with this GM TECH2 set to you. If you need GM English and Saab English card at the same time, then you need to buy the SAAB English card separately. I ask our engineer, your vehicle is in the supported range of gm tech 2.

Kind regards
by Mr.gen on Apr 16, 2014
Hey there ,what if I want work on cars before 1996,which interface should I use? there are obd1 and ALDL port
Replied by Nancy on Apr 20, 2014
Dear Mr.gen:

Hello,please usse the obd1.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Ut on Mar 30, 2014
I really appreciate for your help.Thank you for all.
by Mr.Kelly on Mar 26, 2014
may I buy a blank card and put my softwares in it ?
Replied by Nancy on Mar 30, 2014
Dear Mr,Kelly:

Hello,yes, it can.

Kind regards,
by Mr.Kelly on Mar 26, 2014
may I buy a blank card and put my softwares in it ?
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