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VVDI China V-A-G Vehicle Diagnostic Interface IMMO Plus V3.5.3

VVDI China V-A-G Vehicle Diagnostic Interface IMMO Plus V3.5.3

  • Item No. SV30

1.VVDI China V-A-GVehicle Diagnostic Interface for the vehicles VW Audi is Windows-Based diagnostic software. 2.With the help of V-A-G Vehicle Diagnostic Interface VVDI you can perform operations with vehicles from the V-A-G group, which are in most cases unsupported from the producer diagnostic testers.

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by Mr.Rub on Jun 25, 2014

What are the options of VVDI activated for the price ?

All ANxxx list are not activate , we must buy one by one ?

thanks for reply
Replied by Nancy on Jun 26, 2014
Dear Mr.Rub:

Hello,the ANXXX doesn't need to activate, you can use the function directly.

Kind regards,
by Mr.suha on Jun 6, 2014
Hello If it support lost all key situation for WV POLO 2012 ?
Replied by Nancy on Jun 6, 2014
Dear Mr.suha:

Hello,yes, it supports all keys lost for WV POLO 2012 .

Kind regards,
by Mr.lEC on Apr 8, 2014
Hello,what you need me to do if I want to update the version to V2.5 ?
by Mr.Sortey on Nov 25, 2013
Can this tool read the pin code
Replied by Nancy on Nov 25, 2013
Dear Mr.Sortey:

Hello,yes, it can read the pin code .

Kind regards,
by Mr.Gatirus on Nov 7, 2013
Hi,I would like to bay vvdi but i would like to know first if it works with audi a3 2009 speedometr,
I have audi a3 2005 with 2009 micronas cluster fitted but the keys needs codding
I dont have any vaild key for new cluster
thank you.
Replied by Nancy on Nov 7, 2013
Dear Mr.Gatirus:

Hi ,

For its mileage coorection ,it suits for your car module ,and for the key programing ,you need to get a blank key first ,thank you !

Kind regards,
by Mr.p on Oct 17, 2013
hi, i want to know if you have any tool that can work on Audi A4,Golf 6 after 2006.code reading ,mileage correction and key programming and diagnosis,thank you.
Replied by Nancy on Oct 17, 2013
Dear friend:

hello,yes ,we recommend FVDI series, VVDI and SVDI, hope the answer can be ok for you.

kind regards,
by Mr.Crusin on Sep 24, 2013
can i program sm3.sm5 of renault-samsung car with this device?
Replied by Nancy on Sep 24, 2013
Dear friend:

thank you for your inquiry!
but sorry, the VVDI is used for VW group car model.

kind regards,
by Mr.Arlen on Aug 9, 2013
What's the Interface VVDI for the vehicles VW Audi?
Replied by lee on Aug 9, 2013
Dear Sir,

We are happy to receice your message.

The interface is Windows-Based diagnostic software.

Best rgards.

by Mr.pottier on Jul 3, 2013
can i run vvdi on windows7
Replied by Nancy on Jul 3, 2013
Dear friend:
Thank you for your inquiry.
Yes it can use on Win 7 system ,but work more stably on Window XP .

Best regards & thanks
by Ms.Skellyke on Jul 3, 2013
Hi sir

Can this tool read the pin code and program keys for VW?
Replied by Nancy on Jul 3, 2013
Dear friend:

it can read the pin code as the instruction ,for programming keys ,no need to read the pin code at all.
Kind regards.
by Mr.Valery on May 17, 2013
Please tell me whether the VVDI get seven bytes CS from the working key and store it in a new blank transponder. And you can buy VVDI delivery in Russia? How to do it? In what way is updated?
Replied by Irene on May 19, 2013
Hello, Dear customer,

Thank you for your message.
Let me check with our tech whether the  VVDI get seven bytes CS from the working key, and then tell you the result to your e-mail, OK?

And if you are in Russia, there is no our sale agent in Russia, you can buy from us and then pay via Paypal, western union or bank transfer.
It is very easy and safe.

And the update way is via CD, if there is newer software come out, we can send you the CD.

Kind regards,

by Mr.junior on Apr 7, 2013
I need this equipment to test complete (audi, bmw, mercedes mitshubich and outas brands) with their respequitivos conectores.Voce he would complete with all softweres released? How much with shipping to 30,775,100.
Replied by Irene on Apr 7, 2013
Hello, Dear Mr.junior,
Thank you.
For ths VVDI is for VAG cars including AUDI.
If you need the software for bmw, mercedes mitshubich and outas brands, you can purchase FVDI.
But now FVDI is out of stock now, when it is in stock, we will publish it on our website.
Sorry for this.

Kind regards,

by yunlos on Dec 18, 2012
is it original?
Replied by cristal on Dec 18, 2012
Hello, yunlos

Thank you for your question. Our VVDI is not the original, but it have almost the same function as the original one.
Any problem you can contact us again.

Best regard

by perial on Dec 18, 2012
Do I need to pay for update?
Replied by cristal on Dec 18, 2012
Hello, perial

Thank you for your question, The VVDI update is free. When the newest update released, we will put on our website, you can download freely.

Best regard
by Mr.hanif abbasio on Nov 17, 2012
hi ms/ i have to update.11.8 can you update by remove. 440uds.or have to pay EXRTA.for service.for removely fix?
Replied by cristal on Nov 18, 2012
Hello, Mr. hanif abbasio

Thank you for your question. If you want to update your vvdi to 11.8, you can update from here  

You can just have a try. Any problem you can contact us.

Best regard
by Mr.Mat on Jun 11, 2012
Its possible prepare via OBD KEY if all key are losted ? Car is Golf MK6 color cluster 2012
Replied by Irene on Jun 11, 2012
Hi, Dear friend,

Thank you for your question.
VVDI can generate new keys when all keys are lost.
It can work with Golf MK6, but not for 2012, the car it worked with is up to 2009.

Kind regards,

by Mr.elie on May 24, 2012
hi. this scanner how mutch cars can do ? and can i have the list of this cars this scanner can do please? plus dus it support the autralian car and japnis cars? and can do all this option in the list for evry car? thanks please replay
Replied by Irene on May 24, 2012
Hi, Dear friend,

Thanks for your interest in our item: VVDI.
It can work with many kinds of VAG group cars including Australia and Japanese VAG cars.
But we have no detailed car list, sorry for this. Because this item works with cars according to its different functions and supported protocal. And it has update often.

You can check the detailed information on our website. Thank you.

Kind regards,

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