CARPROG FULL V6.80 Technical Service update problem

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VSCAN Carprog Full V9.31 with all softwares and 21 Adapters【Buy SE53-1 instead】

VSCAN Carprog Full V9.31 with all softwares and 21 Adapters【Buy SE53-1 instead】

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Carprog Full V9.31(with all softwares activated and all 21 items Adapters) is designed with regard to demands of the customers to have universal tool for car radios, odometers, dashboards, immobilizers repair including advanced functions like EEPROM and microcontroller programmer, key transponder programmer.
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carprog-full-faq.pdf  (405K)

Technical FAQ about old version carprog full v5.31 upgrade problem, token and self-test.

1.CARPROG FULL Software Download link:  (52,840.0K)  (54,920.0K)  (54,207.0K)  (9,823.0K)  (4,974.0K)

2. When you use carprog full v5.94 May you will meet this error as the picture showed:

CARPROG FULL V5.31 Technical Service update problem display 1

This error is caused by the following 2 reasons:

1. update the device online

2. use other supplier software.

Our device cannot be updated online or it cannot be used with other supplier software. So please kindly note these 2 points when you use the device. 

3. How to do and read carprog self-test?

When you do carprog self-test, you may get this result:

CARPROG FULL V5.31 Technical Service update problem display 2

Here is the picture to show you how to read and know the self-test result:

CARPROG FULL V5.31 Technical Service update problem display 3

6.How to connect the power cable?
The red port should be connected to the car battery.

7.Which one is best to read Motorola HC05E6, Carprog, Upa or Xprog ?

Part 1: Which tool is best for Motorola HC05E6 reading?


UPA USB 1.3 would be betterr fo this then you can run connection test and work out which pin/wire is wrong or which pin needs lifting

Carprog programmer should work if it doesn’t then its wired incorrect to chip or other pins need lifting
ill see what upa manual shows in regards to wiring and pin lift for this chip.


Xprog only lift Pin-1.
Tested on many Benz key mcu MC68HC05E6 (011, 021, 040, 051)


Carprog or x-prog work good with hc05e6


Read to xprog lift 1 pin


For xprog programmer you need lift up leg 1,12 & 15
and for UPA-USB lift up leg 1, 11, 12, 15 & 16
Don’t forget to set oscillator 2 khz or 4 khz
Tested many time
Good luck

In summary, UPA-USB, Xprog, Carprog all has luck with Motorola HC05E6 reading.

Part 2: Carprog programmer read MCU MC68HC05E6

Read in key the MCU MC68HC05E6(0F82)


CarProg read Opel HC05 PIN

(it’s Opel immobiliser 1996-1998)


NOTE: for HC05, HC08, HC11, HC12, you need an A10 adapter or just buy Carprog full kit with 21 adapters


Carprog A10 adapter wiring diagram:



CarProg A10 adapter crossreference to others tools cables


Part 3: Motorola HC05 connection with Carprog v8.21 full


MC68HC05B6, MC68HC05B8, MC68HC05B16, MC68HC05B32



MPUMask Set

MC68HC05B6 0B91T






MPU Mask Set

MC68HC05B8 0B83T




MPU Mask Set

MC68HC05B16 0D20J,









8. FAQ:

A: Does carprog need token?

Q: No, our carprog doesn't need any token, you can use it all the time.

Q: Carprog FULL V7.28, and the "V7.28" is the software version or hardware version? 
A: It is software version.
Q: I  want to update to V7.28, would you please send me the CD of V7.28?
A: It doesn't need to send CD, you can contact us for the download link of it .
Q: Is your carprog full packed with A1 cable?
A: Yes, our Carprog full is packed with A1 cable (Item No. SE53-A1)
Q: Can CarProg full read 24Cxx series and 93xx series EEPROM?
A: Yes, it can.
Q: Can CarProg full reset or copy the UCH for Renault scenic 2000?
A: No, it can't.
Q: The function S7.8 (read the EOS password from the GOLF) of the product can not be used. The error message displayed is not connected, but the interface connection is fine.
The customers tried two different cars, but it is still can not work. I would like to ask, how is this going on?
A: Try the function of 93c46 EEPROM read and write. And then we can know whether the product is fine.
Q: This product can not work on the Honda dashboard features?
A: It can not work the function of dashboard normal. because this product just be found to do the airbag well, others functions is not well.
Q: CarProg full  "No device attached"
A: Go to the "Device Manager" to check whether the "USB Human Interface Device" is found.