(Fixed)Opcom V1.99 Vaux-com 120309a communication error

Opcom clone V1.99 got error "Interface communication error, or interface not powered from car" how to solve?
Got one Opcom clone V1.99 running Vaux-com 120309a, first I had no issue, but I tried to test different software versions coming with hardware ending connection error with ecu. When I check interface by software, 120309a, I get the version and interface passes the test. But when I try to connect the car i receive " Interface communication error, or interface not powered from car!". But when the hardware is not connected to OBD2 I don't receive error text. Instead the hardware passes through and ECU communication page opens. Then no communication with ECM appears due to not connecting with OBD2 port.
Here are some more info:
FW: V1.99
Interface: 120309a
Driver date: 7/12/2013
Driver version:
VCP in uncheck
I run Vaux-com 120309a on Win7.
Share the pictures with both sided of PCB.

Finally Solved!!!
Tip for the ones with the same problem:
If no FW update was attempted and your device can pass fw+bootloader test don't worry countinue reading!
Opcom or Vauxcom clone software version 2012 and above changes FTDI eeprom. Following that the drivers can be updated by windows due to hardware change if you had used other drivers than OPCOMUSB.inf, 2008 version, which cause the problem.
Open 2010 china clone and test your interface. If test is passed and you can see the FW version, try automatic vehicle identification. After reading ECM without closing the 2010 program, open vauxcom 120309a. Then choose your desired part to open and enjoy passing "Interface communication error, or interface not powered from car!" error message. If you get error message during working on 120309a try automatic vehicle identification on china clone 2010 again. You can try this cycle as much as you get error. Besides that, 120309a functionalities, database, is still available by this way.