VXDIAG VCX NANO for TOYOTA TIS Techstream WIFI Scanner technical support

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Original VXDIAG VCX NANO for TOYOTA TIS Techstream WIFI Scanner Compatible with SAE J2534 [ Ship From US, No Tax]

Original VXDIAG VCX NANO for TOYOTA TIS Techstream WIFI Scanner Compatible with SAE J2534 [ Ship From US, No Tax]

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Original VXDIAG VCX NANO for TOYOTA TIS Techstream WIFI Scanner Support Toyota vehicles up to 2019
and WIFI wireless connection can compatible with SAE J2534.
VXDIAG VCX NANO for TOYOTA TIS Techstream WIFI Scanner technical support
1.How to install VXDIAG VCX NANO for Toyota TIS Techstream? 
Step 1: Install Techstream
Open My Computer
Open NANO TOYOTA software CD
Make sure the computer time is the same as your local time


Open Techstream-Setup-10.10.018

Select software language, click Next
Install Techstream software wizard, click Next

Accept license agreement
Click Next
Confirm user name and company name, press Next
Click “Install”
The procedure will take 10 minutes, please wait patiently
Step 2: Activate Techstream
This will create Tecshtream software shortcut on desktop
Right click Tecshtream software on desktop, click Properties>>Find Target, go to C:\Program Files\ToyotaDiagnostics\Techstream\bin\VerApp.ini, change TISFunction=1 to TISFunction=0, save it.


Step 3: Install VX Manager driver
Open VX Manager driver and install it


Accept license agreement
Press Next

Press “Finish” when driver is well installed
Step 4: Install device driver
Connect VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota interface with computer
The system will detect the device driver
Select “Install the software automatically”, press Next

Click “Finish” to complete installation
Install driver again
Step 5: Update software
Open VX Manager driver on desktop


Click “License” to update


Select “Diagnostic Apps”-> “Toyota TIS”-> “Install” to download latest Techstream software

Step 6: Configure software
Press “Run” button
Select Area
Select software language
Complete repair information as picture below displayed

Launch Tecshtream software
Click Setup tab->VIM Select ->select interface setup as “VCX”

Step 7: Diagnose vehicles
Connect VXDIAG VCA NANO interface with vehicle
Select “Connect to vehicle” in Techstream and wait well communication is built
Select vehicle information

Select system and function you need to diagnose

2.Toyota Techstream lite v11.20.019 software tested OK

Today, eOBDShop engineers have managed to test the new Toyota techstream crack software v11.20.019.
This software here better use with




Chinese Xhorse mini vci cable: customerization
vcx nano toyota: customerization coding, ecu programming and key making
For any device possible to work together, TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK!
Techstream software download link:
TIS Techstream v11.20.019:
techstream key only for VIP members at obd2eshop.com
V11.20.019 Techstream release notes:
Toyota Techstream v11.20.019
Category Vehicle System Function
Vehicle Coverage
New Functions PRIUS PHV DC Quick Charging Control
RAV4, etc. Telematics ID Information Display
PRIUS PHV Air Conditioner Middle Differential Pressure Valve State Check
PRIUS PHV Air Conditioner Refrigerant Filling Mode
PRIUS PHV Hybrid Control EV Mode Cruising Range Reset
PRIUS PHV HV Battery Hybrid Battery Thermal Keep Control Mode Setting
Functional Improvement PRIUS, etc Hybrid ControlHV BatteryMotor Generator Freeze Frame Data
Engine Activetest
LS, LX, GS, ES, RX, IS, LC, PRIUS, etc Rain Sensor CAN Bus Check
LS, LX, GS, ES, RX, IS, LC, PRIUS, etc Rain Sensor System Selection Menu
AURIS NRECROWN ARSGS350 GRL(2GR-FKS)IS200t ASENX200t AGZPRIUS ZVW5RC200t ASCRX200t AGLGS350 GRL(2GR-FSE) is inapplicable. Engine Fuel Consumption
CROWN ARSGS350 GRL(2GR-FKS)IS200t ASENX200t AGZRC200t ASCRX200t AGLGS350 GRL(2GR-FSE) is inapplicable. Engine Activetest
Bug Fix RX Back Door DataListCustomize
3.Difference between Techstream software LITE  and Techstream FULL
Have you ever been confused with Toyota TIS Techstream : Techstream FULL and Techstream LITE. Go on reading and get the answer yourself.
Full TIS Techstream vs Techstream LITE:
Toyota Techstream is sold in two “flavors”.
Full Version: The first is the Full TIS Techstream package which is essentially Toyota selling you a Laptop with the Techstream software preloaded and a special cable.
Lite Version: The other flavor is Techstream Lite. Techstream Lite is where you supply your own laptop and buy their special cable, and software, and you’re good to go. Their cable is very expensive, that’s why most users here would just have gone on http://www.obd2eshop.com/ to buy it instead, essentially getting Techstream Lite to function on their computer for way less than the official route.
Comparison in details:
Technical Capabilities Comparison:
Full TIS Techstream      Techstream LITE 

Minimum PC Requirements:
Full TIS Techstream     Techstream LITE

(just for reference! It’s talked about the genuine Techstream kit)
Device that is compatible Techstream software:
Most users of this forum would access this software by purchasing a cheap Chinese knock-off of the cable (called MINI VCI) used by Techstream. This cable is usually bundled with a version of the software, although there’s a good chance that you will find a more updated version on Torrent sites.
But, this mini vci with techstream is not allowed to do ECU programming and key making.
In short:
Mini vci techstream: customerization coding
Vxdiag vcx nano toyota: customerization, ECU programming and key programming
Attention to Chinese knock-off mini vci:
There mainly are two kinds of Techstream cable- Xhorse mini vci cable & clone mini vci.
If you would want to reset immo, or make customization to cars, need at least 2.0.4 FW with PCB design & chip security improvement and VPW support.
But the cheap copy v1.4.0 FW support only CAN but not K line VPW protocols. Also, there is no parts for v14.0 cable on PCB.
Special setup for mini vci cable from China:
Here is where gets is confusing for some.
In order to use the software with Chinese mini vci cable, you have to edit an ini file after install. The file is named “IT3System.ini” and it resides in the “Program Files\Toyota Diagnostics\Techstream\Env\” directory. The specific line of that file you have to edit is “TISFunction = 0”.
3.Vxdiag vcx nano for Toyota techstream customization settings success
Here’s some screenshots I just took for any beginners wanna have a customization on his/her Toyota.
I am using Vxdiag vcx nano for Toyota from http://www.obd2eshop.com/wholesale/vxdiag-vcx-nano-toyota-wifi-scanner.html 
It works 100% the same as the dealers.It’s very self explanatory and specific testing/trouble shooting a specific system/component is in a step by step process in the factory repair manual.
Turn on ignition, plug the Vxdiag scan tool in the OBDII port and click “connect vehicle”, fill in the options and hit next!
Comes up with this page and you can see the options and systems you can click on and the stored data button to see and clear DTC’s.
This is clicking on the “Customize Settings” button.
This is clicking on the ” Wireless Door Lock”
And the seat one most people want changed…
And this is clicking on the “Tire Pressure Monitor” system from the main page.You can see the pressures and TPMS ID’s. My left front is a little low!There are other test you can run from within the TPMS system
Techstream-v12-Customize-Toyota-4Runner-2010 (6)
Vxdiag vcx nano for Toyota techstream customization settings success!