JDiag FasTPMS Super EL50448 TPMS Relearn tool for GM and Ford

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Product Description

JDiag FasTPMS Super EL50448 is new product developed by JDiag Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd in 2017,  which is able to work with both GM series and Ford series TPMS relearn tool, Super EL50448 is essential tool of replacement tire pressure sensor, tire pressure alarm remove or exchange tires for GM / Chevy / Buick / GMC / Ford / Lincoln / Mercury etc.
JDiag FasTPMS Super EL50448 TPMS Relearn tool for GM and Ford 
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  • Work with both GM series and Ford series TPMS Relearn tool
How to use Super EL50448
  • Need 1x Pcs 9V battery to work
  • Set the car in TPMS learning mode. (car horns twice)
  • After all sensors reseted, the car horns twice, the TPMS re-learn finished.
  • Follow this order to rest TPMS one by one: Front left, front right, rear right, rear left.
  • Starting from the left front tire, the antenna of the dedicated tool for tire pressure monitoring is facing upwards against the tire sidewall
    near the rim of the valve stem to start the antenna. Press and release the button and wait for the speaker to emit a chirp. Once the
    speaker is chirping, the sensor information is read and the turn signal to be read at the next position will light.
EL50448 FAQ
Q: Will this work on a 2009 hyundai sonata
A: It would work on 2009 hyundai sonata,the Super LE50448 work on all General Motors products, it support almost all Chevy / Buick / GMC / Opel / Lincoln / Mercury vehicles from 2010-2017, and it also work on the Ford: F150, F250, F350, F450, F550, Mustang, Edge, Escape, Expedition, Explorer, Flex, Taurus,E-150 E-250 E-350 E-450 Econoline Vans etc. Please don't worry .

Q: Will this work on a 2018 silverado
A: yes , it will work on a 2018 silverado.

Q: Will this work on my 2012 F150 4x4 lariat ford
A: Yes, this Ford GM 2in1 tire pressure reset tool will work on 2012 F150 Ford.

Q: Dose this work with 2019 toyota highlander an 2017 Chev Silversdo 1500 crdw cab
A: dear friend , the Super EL50448 works for both EL-50448 GM series and EL-50449 Ford Series ,
it can work on 2017 Chev Silversdo but not work with toyota.

Q: Will this work on a 2007 Chevy Silverado 1500
A: yes, it can work on a 2007 Chevy Silverado 1500. the super EL50448 work on the GM and Ford vehicles , please don't worry .

Q: Will this tool work on a 2008 chrysler sebring with vdo sensors
A: no chev and ford only

Q: Will it work on 2004 chevy tahoe 4.8 engin. I nought brand new sensors acdelco from wallmart internet site..last year. .service tire sensors.that it s
A: This will work on 2015s and up. Look at youtube about Tpms for your year. Those tips may work for your 2004.

Q: I try to re-lear 2009 ford escape but only gm light goes on. what causing this problem?
A: Hold the button down and it will switch over to the ford side. But it wont matter - it likely won't work.
    What we both bought, basically, is a pretty, lime green, book end... My hasn't activated a thing.. Zip. Nadda. Good luck..

Q: Will this fix the problem ! Service tire senors..there new acdelco..04 chevy tahoe
A: It should, BUT, if your tires sensor battery is dead then it won't reset a dead battery. If the battery is good in the tire then this thing should fix it. I had 1 tire battery sensor dead so I know, hope this helps.

Q: Will this work on 2007 gmc sierra 2500 truck? the senors are 315mhz and the truck does have dic function to relearn tire location.
A: Didn't test 2007 gmc sierra 2500 truck yet,
    but below models are tested and work:
    2010 Sierra, Silverado (VIN C/K)
    2011 Sierra, Silverado (VIN C/K)
    2012 Sierra, Silverado (VIN C/K)
    2013 Sierra, Silverado (VIN C/K) (3087)
    This tool EL50448 fit for G.M most kind of vehicles, equipped with a 315 or 433 MHz Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM) system. same for cars and truck.
How to use Super EL50448
How to switch between GM and Ford brand
Hold the power button for 3 seconds and 2 LEDs flashing 2 times, selected brand’s LED flashing 2 times.

How to detetied which mode the device in
Press the power button, if the Green LED flashing, means Super EL50448 in GM mode, if the Red LED flashing,
means Super EL50448 in Ford mode.

How to set Your Car in TPMS re-learn mode

GM series cars:
1. Make the gear in P position.
2. Use cruise to choose TPMS re-learn mode in the dashboard settings.
3. Horn will ring twice and the TPMS indicator flashes, then the learning mode has been successfully entered. If equipped,
    the message center will display the front left (LF) tire
Ford series cars:
1. Make the gear in P position.
2. With the ignition switch to OFF, press and release the brake pedal
3. Turn the ignition switch from the OFF position to the RUN position 3 times and end at RUN position
4. Depress and release the brake pedal
5. Ignition to OFF position
6. Ignition goes from the OFF position to the RUN position 3 times and ends at RUN position
7. Horn will ring once and the TPMS indicator flashes, then the learning mode has been successfully entered. If equipped,
    the message center will display the front left (LF) tire
1. When using Super EL50448, please make sure antenna in correct position. 
2. Please make sure the 9v battery in good condition.
JDiag FasTPMS Super EL50448 support car list
EL50448  Customer reviews :

Mr.Dennis Williams

Jus placed the new 9v battery (not included) in the tool, and followed tools' instructions for specific vehicle manufacturer, and worked as intended; flawlessly!
Initial tool programing, just click the button, tool's; green GM, and yellow Ford light both flash two times; press again, Green light flashes two times, meaning ready for GM TPMS relearn. Just follow each vehicles' relearn instructions and the tool work flawlessly. Usually start: 1st driver side front, press/keep tool button about 5 second, hear one car horn beep; 2nd passenger side front same tool procedure, one car horn beep; 3rd passenger side rear, same tool procedure, one car horn beep; 4th driver side rear, same tool procedure, but in this last wheel TWO car horn beeps; Relearn complete! In the case of GM vehicles, instructions to hold the tool against the tire, are different than Ford pay attention to very specific and I repeat, different tool's position for either GM or Ford. For GM, hold tip of tool against rubber surface of tire, by edge of rim, next to the valve stem area, and hold the tool parallel to the valve stem again hold tip of tool in contact to the rubber surface for steadiness (SEE PICTURE ATTACHED to this review). Just worked first time in a few seconds each; this tool is now a very convenient part of my tool box. Saves you an unnecessary trip to a Dealer to get your money for such a simple task easily done by this smart device!

Mr.Rene Lebang
A lot of people who wrote bad reviews complaining they could not make this work, most likely do not know what they are doing. First thing : all tires must be at or above manufacturer pressure if they are not you will never get it to work (the government / Car Makers want us all to run our tire pressure set for "optimal gas mileage" which in fact just makes you tires wear faster. Second thing the dash warning lite must be off(all monitors working properly if you have a monitor malfunctioning it will not work. Third : read the directions some of the reviews i read sounded like they did not read the instructions. i have a 2017 chevy silverado i just did a valve stem replacement and decided while i was at it i would rotate tires and try this relearn tool. After taking half an hour to get the fronts over 60 and rears over 80 psi i put the truck in learn mode (instructions could be clearer but likely easy to find procedure on the inter web. i had to set dash on tire monitor screen hold the odometer reset and then push set button for cruise control, asks if you want to go into relearn mode select yes, horn honks. turn on unit go to driver front wheel set antenna on the tire at the edge of the rim(just like pictures in instructions)push button, horn honks, then to passenger front, push button horn honks, then passenger rear to driver rear (at each tire hold against tire till the honk) after driver rear multiple honks let you know your done. this is a very nice unit works very well and for the price well worth it . i then let the air out of my tires down to 50 each to make my tires last longer ride better and need rotated less often F the government. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Mr.Kerstin Boekholt
I have been battling tire pressure system messages on two 04 full size chevy trucks for a couple months. After replacing two transmitters and running around the cars like a madman, letting air out and then putting it back in, I have had it. I went to the local Coop tire shop and was in awe at how easy their code reader quickly reset my new transmitters. I was now down to the same message in each car to "Check Tire Pressure".
I went online to see if, by chance, my OBD reader would work on tires. Of course not, but I was surprised to see how cheap you could get into an actual TPMS reset tool. It was not as big as the one at the Coop nor was it as expensive. I researched the three recommended entry models and made the jump. Out of the box I read the cheesy instructions, put in a battery, and was ready to test in about three minutes. Three minutes later I was back in the house with no more messages.
Get off dead center and buy this tool. It is the best $17USD I have put in my tool box all year. This unit will work on Fords as well but I don't. It worked great on a 2004 Suburban and a 2004 Tahoe. You can do this or you could just let your neighbors think your are a madman. Your choice.
The unit itself works like a charm, but the instructions for getting my own car into learning mode were dead wrong. And the internet wasn't much help either. Parking brakes on and off, and turning the car on without starting it, should I flap my arms? No, just start the car and double tap the check-mark when you get to the air pressure menu, say yes I want to go into learning mode when it asks... then walk around the car with this gizmo, wait for the car horns on each tire and done.

Mr.Jim Shepherd
I have a 2019 F150 and decided to buy the 2 in 1 version for the extra couple of dollars it cost. I may not buy a ford the next time, and at least I will already have the tool if I buy a GM. I haven't needed to use it yet, but I did want to try it out. It was simple to use. I put the vehicle in learn mode, and placed the antenna on the tire a little to the right of the stem. It is only 180 degrees from the stem if you have a banded version of the sensors on your ford. My sensors are on the valve stem. I have two sets of rims and tires. I don't want to go to the dealer or tire shop to activate the sensors every fall and spring. Great rig for anyone who rotates their own tires as well.

Mr.David Messa
Bought last fall ,It work, GM or Ford.
No problem on after market tire pressure sensors in my winter tires it responds right away. Then this spring I installed the original ford tires and relearn my Cmax hybrid it didn’t not respond right away it toke me three time and keep timing out after the second tire, finally it work being Patient enough six times pressing the power button on each tire. Hope this message helpful. I’m still happy with this product it’s cheap price, better than $60.00 dollars every season.

Mr.zoltan bolyi
If you work on a lot of GM or Ford vehicles for a living or simply want to do your own tires in your driveway and not drag your vehicle into a shop for a TPMS relearn, this JDiag tool is for you. Once you follow the Ford or GM procedure for your specific vehicle to get into learning mode, you simply hold the tip of this tool (for GM vehicles) or the right side of this tool near the button (for Ford vehicles) near the TPMS sensor and wait for the horn to blow. Once the horn activates, you can move onto the next wheel and repeat till all 4 sensors are learned to the vehicle.
The real benefit to this tool is the fact it does Ford and GM vehicles within the same tool. You can easily switch between the two makes by holding the button on the front for approximately 3 seconds. Then the light for the mode you switched to will flash to confirm which mode the tool is now in. My unit has been used on countless Ford and GM vehicles from the very beginnings of TPMS adoption (2006-2008) all the way up to current model vehicles and I never had an issue with this tool failing to activate a working TPMS sensor.

Package includes:
1pc x   JDiag FasTPMS Super EL50448 for GM and Ford TPMS Relearn
JDiag FasTPMS Super EL50448 package
JDiag FasTPMS Super EL50448 display

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