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Volvo/Renault/MACK Ptt Developer Tool V2.04.86 with last acpi+ update 05/201

Volvo/Renault/MACK Ptt Developer Tool V2.04.86 with last acpi+ update 05/201

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This is Development version of PTT V2.04.86 Dev2tool, database is development version, support EURO5/EURO6 Programming, add new option for filter control unit and parameter group.
Engineer online install software with full support.can be update online.

Volvo/Renault/MACK Ptt Developer Tool V2.04.86 with last acpi+ update 05/201

Top 5 Reasons to Get PTT 2.04.86 Software:

1. Work with nexiq, xtruck, DPA4+, DPA5,Vocom, 88890020, Noregon
2. It can work on 2015 trucks,
3. Support all version 2
4. Can only work via usb with DPA
5.Support Muti-language

1. Working Operating System: Windows 7 32/64 Ultimate or Proffesional or Enterprice With service pack 1. DONT WORK With Home Edition
2. We will provide download link for the software and customer need contact us for activation. It is only including one free activation for tech tool, dev2tool and visfeed.You need pay 100 usd if you need the second activation on the same computer, while 250 usd for a different computer.
3.Only support the programming to VERSION 2 For the Version 3/4 truck programing, you need to pay for the etra charge. 
4. If you want for version3 /4 pls select  SS167-F

V3+V4:400 USD  V3: 150 USD 

1.Last offical version Volvo TechTool 2.04.87 Development (or non official 2.5.30)

*. Full Techtool Activating (For all volvo brend !!!)
* Last ACPI+ update for standard and for development AND special DESIGNER user !!!
* You can Choose User ID like: A123456 or M555555 OR TECHTOL OR ANY OTHER..
*You can choose your logo or name to stay in techtool

With This Tool You Have This Interesting Options:

• AdBlue OFF.
• Convert EUR3 to EUR5.
• NOx Torque Reduction OFF.

Some Interesting Options:

• Chassis ID Change.
• Immobilizer ON/OFF.
• Injector programming.
• Speed Limit programming.

The Basic Workflow in Tech Tool is the Same for All Products:

• Identify a product.
• View information history.
• Diagnose a selected 
• Test a selected product.product.
• Program a selected product.
• Calibrate a selected product.

Supported Companies and Electrical Systems:

• Volvo Trucks (Older electrical system, Vehicle electronics '98, VERSION2)
• Volvo Trucks ( FH4/FM4);   
• Volvo Buses (Conventional, Multiplexed, Multiplexed version 2)
• Volvo Construction Equipment
• Volvo Penta (VERSION2,)
• Volvo OEM Component Customer (VERSION2,);
• Mack Trucks (V-MAC I/II/III ITC, V-MAC IV, V-MAC IV+)
• Renault Trucks (VERSION2);
• UD Trucks (VERSION2,)

Dev2toZ Full Level : 

• Special tool to access and program parameters of ANY Level without any restrictions;
• Change minimum/maximum values of parameters, for example: increase speed limit;
• Works with Tech Tool in Normal or Development mode;
• Support 28 languages;
• Support all brands and models supported by Tech Tool;
• Included Mack Developer Tool for editing V-MAC I/II/III/ITC parameters;

Package Including:

1pc x PTT 2.04.55 Volvo 88890018 Vocom Software 

For any question, please contact us at:

Whatsapp: 0086-18359214901+8615759264783
Hot line: 0086-18359214901/ +8615759264783

Find us on your phone:


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