FVDI new version installation FAQ

FVDI new version installation FAQ
Some customers may meet with the installation problem,most of them are caused by the incompatibility between the software and the operation system.

kindly note:

Please connect according to the right way when you update the firmware and get authorization.
Connect the dongle to the main unit (please note not insert to the computer), then connect the unit with the computer via USB .
The normal response of the unit and the donle :
The green light on the unit would flash and the the red light of the dongle  goes on while its green light is off.

Q:What computer configuration is required for installation?
A:CPU 1.8 above ,memory >=2GB, like Dell D630 2GB (SO106)

Q:What's the best operation system for FVDI software?
A:Windows xp is the best one ,as for Windows 7 ,it's not stable.

Q:The upate failed like the picture showed,failed to connect to the server:

FVDI new version installation FAQ display 1

A:It's much probably due to the bad network,please change your network and have a try again:

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