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Pcmtuner or CG FC-200, Which one is better?

FAQ For PCMtuner ECU Programmer ?
How to use PCMtuner Flash  ?
PCMtuner (Software Version: V1.2.7 ) Support 67 Modules
Pcmtuner or CG FC-20, Which one is better?
Kess V2 Clone vs PCMTuner Which is Better?
FAQ Of PCMtuner:

CG FC200 programmer test report: clone BMW GT535 Bosch MEVD17.2.6 TC1797 N55 successfully.

1. CG FC200 BMW GT535 Bosch MEVD17.2.6 TC1797 N55 Clone Succeed
2.Pcmtuner or CG FC-200? Which one is better? Having to choose between pcm tuner and fc200, what would you recommend?
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