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V3.3.8.0 CG Godzilla CG007 Automotive Key Cutting Machine Support both Mobile and PC with Built-in Battery 3 Years Warranty

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58cm*34cm*42cm ( Inch: 22.83*13.39*16.54 )
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Product Description

CGDI CG007 Godzilla is a Essential tool for locksmith to recover easier from All Key Lost, Support both mobile and PC operation,Supports more than 60 global car makers, 2,000 car models and 20,000 all keys lost database
V3.3.8.0 Godzilla Automatic Key Cutting Machine with Built-in Battery Independent Operation 

CG007 Godzilla Key Cutting Machine Highlights

  • With 3 Years warranty.
  • CGDI Official authorized dealer, 100% original
  • Support both mobile and PC operation.
  • Free online software update without IP limitation
  • Support for operation via mobile phone or PC
  • Essential tool for locksmith to recover easier from All Key Lost
  • CG Godzilla Automotive Key Cutting Machine with Built-in Battery and 7 inch adjustable screen.
  • Supports more than 60 global car makers, 2000 car models and 20000 all keys lost database: List Check here>>
  • Built-in battery, 7 inch operating screen. CG Godzilla supports mobile phone connection or independent operation.
Godzilla Automatic Key Cutting Machine Features:
  • IPS Display: 1024x600
  • With 7-inch operation screen
  • With internal and external slot clips
  • Godzilla Key Cutter Advanced Design, Integrated Casting
  • Carefully Selected Materials, Trustworthy Experience.
  • Advanced Design, Integrated Casting ,Carefully Selected Materials, Trustworthy Experience
  • With database independence, independent operation, no need for a mobile phone.
  • The Godzilla will cut both cylinder and laser keys with great precision using both its T1 and T2 clamps. Optional T3 clamp supports cutting of FO21 (Tibbe) and SX9 (Cruciform) blades. 
CG007 Godzilla Key Cutting Machine V3.3.8.0 Update

CG007 Godzilla Key Cutting Machine V3.3.8.0 Update on April 4th, 2023: Added keys for 47 models.

1.Added keys for 5 models of ChangAn: Benben E-star, Benben E-star Colorful, Raeton, Changan Star, Star Card

2.Added keys for 3 models of Great Wall: Wingle 6, Wingle 7, Euler Good Cat

3.Added keys for 2 models of Haval: Haval H5, Haval H2

4.Added keys for 2 models of Foton: Auman EST, Auman GTL

5.Added keys for 2 models of JieFang: J6L, J6P

6.Added keys for 5 models of JAC: Ruifeng, H3, Geerfa K7, Ruifeng M4, Ruifeng S6

7.Added keys for 2 models of Citroen: Sega, Elysee

8.Added keys for 2 models of Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck: Delonghi F2000, Delonghi New M3000

9.Added keys for 1 models of MG: MG3

10.Added keys for 1 models of Lynk&Co: Lynk&Co 02

11.Added keys for 1 models of FAW: Vizi

12.Added keys for 1 models of Zhongxing: Flagship A9

13.Added keys for 3 models of Baojun: 310W, E100, E200

14.Added keys for 4 models of Wuling: Hongguang MINIEV Macaron, Hongguang MINI, Hongguang S1, Capgemini

15.Added keys for 3 models of Chery: Fengyun 2, Karry K60, Tiggo 7

16.Added keys for 4 models of Trumpchi: GA3, GA4, GA8, Aion S

17.Added keys for 6 models of BAIC: Weiwang, Changhe M70, Senova D60, Senova D70, Senova X65, E180a

How to update CG007 Godzilla Key Cutting Machine:

Turn on your Godzilla key cutting machine

Click the WIFI logo on the main menu to enter the WIFI connection interface

Connect to WiFi according to the on-screen prompts

Enter “Update” function

Just directly click “Update” to update the firmware, APP and database synchronously.

Built-in Database
Built-in accurate database, detailed parameters, and clear key graphics.  
Based on the blank key data, users can choose the designated blank key from the data to edit its shape, space, width, and depth in order to form the customized key.
Data of domestic manufactured automobiles in continuously added into the blank key database. Domestic users will have a more convenient user experience.
Patent Certificate
Godzilla Key Cutter Automatic Key Cutting Machine has its Design Patent Certificate, Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate, Utility Model Patent Certificate, and others.
Essential Tool for All Key Lost
Godzilla Key Cutter contains three powerful functions for all keys lost: updated key database, cut by biting & find biting.
It is an essential tool for locksmith to recover easier from All Key Lost.
Manufacture Craftsmanship
All aluminum main body, partial accessories made of 304 stainless steel. Gross weight 20KG with stable and durable structure.
Machine is equipped with 3-Axis Precision Ball Screw Transmission, which is more accurate and stable than T Screw Transmission.
Power/Motor Specification
Adopting internal general ; no-load power loss lower than 5 watts; built-in 24V brushless motors ; high rotation speed; low noise; minimal vibration; strong reliability and great stability.
Online Update
Godzilla Key Cutter supports online update. Users can update the machine by connecting the machine to internet-connected Wifi, server is available and free of region restriction for online update.
Support Online file update. Update log will automatically display in software.

Technical Support
CG technical support team provides professional and efficient online technical support for free.
Three Years warranty and lifelong after-sale customer service are included in order to guarantee the carefree machine operation for customers.
Customers feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.

Lost All Query
Covering the key data of mainstream brands such as European, American, Japanese, Korean, etc., the key tooth profile data can be found by using the manufacturer code or the lock cylinder code.

Custom Key
Key processing is performed according to the data defined by the customer.
Waigou bilateral: mostly used in Japanese, Korean and domestic cars
Inner ditch unilateral: mostly used in European and domestic cars
Neigou bilateral: mostly used in Japanese, Korean and domestic cars
Outer ditch unilateral: mostly used in European, American and domestic cars
Waigou bilateral: mostly used in Japanese and domestic cars

History Record
After the key is cut in the database, the device automatically stores the data of the cut key, which can be marked and placed on top according to customer needs.

Device Parameters
Contains processing settings, parameter lists, automatic calibration, test functions, cutting times statistics and language settings. Customers can set and adjust processing settings according to their own requirements. Visualize equipment parameter list data. If there is an error in learning cutting, you can operate the calibration function to calibrate it. It can test the active motor of the equipment and automatically determine whether the motor is normal. The equipment automatically counts the number of cuttings. Contains four languages.

Technical Support 
CG technical support team provides professional and efficient online technical support free for lifetime.   

New Version Update
Add functions and data to update the software according to customer feedback and needs.

Universal Key Duplication
Accurate learning according to the shape of the car manufacturer's key and precise cutting according to the learned shape.
Waigou bilateral: mostly used in Japanese, Korean and domestic cars
Inner ditch unilateral: mostly used in European and domestic cars
Neigou bilateral: mostly used in Japanese, Korean and domestic cars
Outer ditch unilateral: mostly used in European, American and domestic cars
Waigou bilateral: mostly used in Japanese and domestic cars     
cgdi cg007 Universal Key Duplication
Cut by Bitting
Contains mainstream key models, which can be learned and cut according to the customer's key model, and supports missing teeth query and tooth profile fine-tuning functions.
cg007 Cut by Bitting

Godzilla Support Car Brands And Car Models

Supported car manufacturers are as follows:

Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Volvo, Honda, Holden, Jeep, Opel, Vauxhall, Chrysler, Dodge, Daihatsu, Suzuki, Jaguar, Audi, Rover (also see Brit.Leyland), Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Duka Di, Saab, Subaru, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Renault, Peugeot, Yamaha, Chevrolet, MG, Scania, Volkswagen, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Seat, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Porsche, Citroen, Lincoln, Mercury, Infiniti, Kia, Buick, Cadillac, Rolls Royce, Daewoo, Acura, Bentley, Ford, Land Rover, Skoda, Ssangyong, LDV, Mini, BMW Motors, Honda Motors, General Motors

Some models supported are as follows:
Silca   MIT1R
Ilco    X54
Ilco    DC1
Ilco    X174
Keyline TR42
Silca   TOY38RAP
Keyline TR42BP
Silca   TOY41RATE
Keyline TR41TK
Silca   TOY41RTE
Keyline SU17P
Silca   SZ11RT18
Silca   SZ11REH2
Keyline SU17UTK40
Silca   SZ11RMH
Silca   SZ11RTE
Keyline SU17TK
Silca   SZ11REH1
Keyline SU17UTK24
Silca   SZ11REH
Keyline SU17U
Keyline SU17UTK100
Silca   SZ11RT4
Keyline SU17TK3
Silca   SZ11RT5
Keyline HU35UTK60
Silca   HYN5R
Ilco    X196
Silca   HYN5RP
Ilco    TA28
Silca   TOY4
Ilco    T61C
Ilco    T61G
Keyline TR14
Silca   TOY6
Ilco    T61D
Silca   SSY2AP
Silca   KIA1R
Ilco    X233
Silca   KIA1RAP
Keyline KI1SAP
Silca   KIA1RP
Ilco    KK1P
Keyline KI1SP
Silca   KIA2R
Ilco    X240
Silca   KIA3RT5
Ilco    KK3P
Keyline KI3STK1
Silca   SSY1P
Silca   MIT3R
JMA     MIT3
Silca   MIT3RP
Keyline MT5SP
Silca   MIT4R
JMA     MIT4
Silca   TOY24P
Keyline TR4P
Silca   TOY25
Silca   TOY25P
Keyline TR5P
Silca   TOY36AP
Silca   TOY36P
Silca   ISU3P
Keyline ISU2P
Silca   KW11
Ilco    KA13
Silca   MAZ10AP
Keyline MZ32P
Silca   MAZ5Ilco   
Silca   MAZ8
Ilco    929M
Silca   MAZ8AP
Keyline MZ38P
Silca   KIA4RBPSilca   
Silca   HYN11CP
Keyline HY11BP

CG Godzilla Key Cutting Machine Latest Update Information:

CG Godzilla V3.3.6.0 NEW (2022.11.29)
1.Add some database data.

CG Godzilla V3.3.1.0 (2022.04.19)
1.Added 10 JAC models.
2.Added 16 Geely models.
3.Added 1 Jiangling model.
4.Added 6 Chrysler models.
5.Added 1 Cheetah model.
6.Added 2 Lifan models.
7.Added 5 Landwind models.
8.Added 1 Land Rover model.
9.Added 3 Lotus models .
10.Added 3 models of two-wheeled electric vehicles.
11.Added 2 models of MGI.
12.Added 5 Mazda models.
13.Added 3 models of Nachi.
14.Added 1 Opel model.
15.Added 2 models of Qichen.
16.Added 4 models of Dongfeng Fengxing.
17.Added 3 Changan models.
18.Added 2 models of Dongfeng Scenery.
19.Added 1 model of Dongfeng Fengshen.
20.Added 6 Foton models.
21.Added Huapu manufacturers and 7 models.
22.Added Huatai manufacturers and 3 models.
23.Added manufacturers and 6 models of Geo.
24.Added 6 Jinbei models.

Godzilla Key Cutter Parameter:

Working Temperature -20-70℃
Humidity 10-90% 
Working Voltage 90-264V/AC
Input Frequency 45-68Hz 
Net Weight 10kg
Gross Weight 20kg
Power 200W
USB port USB2.0
IPS Display 1024x600
Motor Rotation Speed 16000rpm
Package includes:
1pc x Godzilla Key Cutter Host
1pc x T1 Fixture
1pc x T2 Fixture
1pc x 1.5mm Milling Cutter
1pc x 2.5mm Milling Cutter
2pcs x 1.0mm Probe
1pc x 2mm Minner Hexagon Spanner
1pc x 3mm Minner Hexagon Spanner
1pc x 5mm Minner Hexagon Spanner
1pc x Cleaning Brush
1pc x Power Adapter
1pc x Buit-in Battery
1pc x National Stardard Power Cable (1.5m)
1pc x British Standard Power Cable (1.5m)
1pc x American Standard Power Cable (1.5m)
1pc x European Standard Power Cable (1.5m)
1pc x Product Inspection Certificate, Package List
1pc x User Manual
CG Godzilla CG007 Automotive Key Cutting Machine PACKAGE
CG Godzilla CG007 Automotive Key Cutting Machine SIZE

CG Godzilla CG007 Automotive Key Cutting Machine


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Global Version Lonsdor K518 Pro Key Programmer Full Package

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How to use CGDI Godzilla performs automatic calibration

Tech support

Godzilla Key Cutting Machine Vehicle List
Godzilla Key Cutting Machine Vehicle List:
Mitsubishi Betamotor Courier Fama Holga Kubota Mippart Pro-DF SISO Ube
A.L.H Better Built Craftsman Fantic Motor Homak Kumahira Miwa Proform Sispa Undercover
A.R.E. Bicycles Cromodora Farma Home Depot KVR MLM Promo Sj Unifor
Abarth Big Dog Motorcycles Croyden Fas Hon Kwikset M-Loy ProRack Skoda Union
Abbess BiLock CRUZ Fasem Honda Kymco MLS Protec SKS Unipart
Abloy Bimamtara CTM Fastec Honda (Cycles) Kynnarps MMF Industries Proto Slaymaker United Hospital
ABS Bimota CVL FB Honeywell KYR Mobella Proton SMI Unity Lock
Absa Bisley CWS FCV Howo La Fonte Moia Puch Snap On US Lock
Abus BKS CX5 Feb HPC Lada Montesa Pundra Snugtop Uscan
Ace Blau Cyber Lock Federal Hudson Lamborghini Mori G PYCM Sofi Vachette
ACM Bloster D & D Femsa Hudson (Auto) Lambretta Morini Franco QLP SOHO Vago
Acura Blue Bird Dacia Fenco Huf Lancia Moskvitch R.G. Soprano Valeo
Adly BMA Dad Ferrari Hummer Land Rover Mosler R.O.C. SOS Valladerio
A-DZG BMB Daewoo FF-Facchinetti Hupmobile Lane Moto Becane Rabbit Southco Valnes
Aegis BMC DAF Fiam Hurd Laperche Moto Guzzi Rad Southern Folger Vario
AGA BMW Daihatsu Fiamca Husky Laporte Moto Morini Ram Southern Steel Various
AGB BMW (Cycles) Daimler Fiat Husqvarna Lapp-Finze Motobi Rambler Sperrkolb Vauxhall
Agent Boda Daiya Fichet Huwil Lark Motobimm Ramis Spider Vermeer
Agrati Garelli Bode Datsun (See Nissan) FireKing Hymer Las Motorcycle (various) Rammax SportRack Veronelli
Ahrend Bomag Decayeux Firmadoor Hyosung LaSalle Motron Range Rover Squire Vespa
Aircraft Bombardier Deere First Lock Hyundai Lasbolaget Mottura Rawson-Koening Ssangyong Victor
AKS Bommer Deezee Fist Ideal Laudon Mountain Top Rayton Fissore Stack-On Victory
ALA Bomoro Defiant Fix Idm Laverda Muel Regent Stahl Vidmar
Aldridge Bonaiti DeFort Flambo Idro Stop LDV Mul-T-Lock Remington Stant Vinco
ALFA Bosch De-Jong Flora IFAM Leer MV Augusta Renault Star Ving
Alfa Romeo Brabantia Dekaba Foden Ikea LeFebure MZ Renz Starfor VIP
AL-KO Bricard DeLaporte Folger Adam ILCO Legge Nabob Reo Steelcase Viro
All Lock Briggs & Stratton DeLorean Ford Illinois Lehmann Naiki Rex Sterling Volkswagen
Allsteel Brisant Delsey Fort Imsa Lenlock Namco Reynolds Steyr-Puch Volvo
Alpha British Cars Delta Fort Lock Independent Lensveld Nash Richelieu Stilford Volvo Penta
Altin British Leyland Delta Motor Foton Indian Leopold National Rickenbacker Store All Volvo Trucks
Amaro Limitada Brockway Demm FPB Infiniti Lexus Navistar International Riopel Strafor Wacker
AMC BSA Derbi Fral Ingersoll Lince NB Locks RiteFit Strattec Wally
American Devices BTV Desoto Freightliner Innocenti Lincoln Negrini Rivers Strazh Walsall
American Padlock Buell Detex Frigidaire Inokom Lincoln Sentry Neiman Rizzato Strebor Wangtong
AMMA Furniture Buffo Deutz FSM Interlock Lips Nemef RNL Stremler Wartburg
Anchor Bug Dexter FTH International Lista New Holland Robinson STS Waso
Anderson Hickey Buick Diamond Reo Fuso Trucks Iseo Litto Nikpol Rola Studebaker Weather Guard
Anker Bullit DiaSafe Gainsborough Isetta LiuGong Nissan Rolls Royce Stuv Weber
Ankerslot Bumil Diebold Galloper Isuzu LMP Nobb Roma Subaru Weco
Antonioli Burgwächter Difa Gardex Ital LOB Nobo Romak Sul Weiser
Apecs Buzon Diplomat Gardner Italjet Lock Focus Normbau Roneo Sulky Welka
Apeks BWD Dirak Garelli Ito Locks4Vans Norwalk Ronis Sun Safes Wertheim
Aprilia C.R. Directiv Garny Ivanhoe Lockwood NSP Rootes Sunar Wesco
Arco Rifkin Cadillac Disalcar Garran Iveco LOK4 NSU Rosengren Sunbeam Wesko
Arctic Cat Caf DKW-Hercules Garrett J.C.B. Loksafe Oakland Ross Superior Weslock
Arcu Cagiva DMK Gatemate Jaco Lord Safe Co ODA Rousseau Suzuki West
Arfe CAP Doblina Geely Jaguar Lori Odaira Seisakusho Rover (also see Brit.Leyland) Suzuki (Cycles) West Alloy
Arman Caravans Dodge Gefi Jeep Lotus Officeworks Royal Swift Western Star
Armstrong Carbine DOM GEGE Jensen Lowe & Fletcher Ogden Ruka S-Wing Westfalia
Aro Dacia Car-Go Dominion Gelbon JIP LSDA Ojmar Ruko SWM Westward
Arregui Carryboy Doorking General JIS Lusterful Oldsmobile Runo Sylvan WG
Arrow Cas-Cisma Doric General Lock JMC LUV Olivetti Russwin SYM Whitco
Art Steel Case Dorma General Motors Jofco M&C Olympus S2 Tailik White Trucks
Arteb Case IH Dormakaba Geo John Deere Mack Truck Omec Saab Talbot Wigro
Asec Cash Box DS Automobiles Gera Johnson Magirus-Deutz OMR Sab Talon Wilka
ASSA Casi Dubois Gerda Joma Magneti M Opel Safe Tampalini Willys
Aston Martin Catalano Ducati Gete Jore Magnum Opsial Safeguard Tann Wilmot Breeden
Astra Cavers Dudley GHE JPM Mahindra Optimus Safes Taurean Wilson Bohannon
Asuna Cawi Durant Giad JU Maico Ordo Salsbury Taylor Wind
Atal Cays Dusenberg Gilera JuNie Maine Engineering Orengo Sama Technal Windsor
Atala CCP Dynaconsult Giobert Junkunc Padlock Majestic Oris Sandleford Tecnolar Winkhaus
ATP Ceccherelli Eagle Gipis Juwel Malaguti Oshkosh Santos Teka Winlock
Atra Cem Eberhard Giussani Jval Malanca Ossa Sargent Teknion Winnebago
Audi Cema Ebro GKS Kaba MAN Trucks Outboard Marine Corporation Sargent & Greenleaf Tele-Lock Witte
Auno Cenate Edsal Global Kaiser-Fraser Marco Overland Saturn Tennsco Wittkopp
Ausfile Centaur Efco Global Link Kaken Marks OZ Roll Scandilock Terca WMS
Austin Healey Cerion Eiko GMC Kale Maruti Packard Scania Tesa Xiehe
Austin-Morris Cerutti Elca Gmg Karrite Maserati Paco Schlage Tesio XL
Austral Lock CES Elgin Goal Kason Massey Ferguson Papaiz Schroeder-Thompson Teskey Yakima
Auth Florence Cessna Aircraft Emhart Governor Kasp Master Parma Schulte Testi Yale
Autobianchi Cev EMKA Graham-Paige Kassel Matco Pastore Schwab TGB Yamaha
Autocar Chavo Empire Great Wall Kawasaki Matrix Patrone Scion Thetford Yard
Avocet Chevrolet Endurance GreenteQ Keil Mauer PC-Cortellezzi Sea Thirard Yardeni
AXA Chicago Enfield GSA Keiper Mauser PEACE Seat Thomee Yeti
Azbe Chituma Era GTV Kennedy Maxus Peerless Securefast Thule Ymos
Azma Chrysler Esco Guard Kenstan Mazda Pegaso Securemme Tigris York
B&D (Rollerdoor) Chubb Esety Guardian Kenworth MBK Pegasus Securicraft Timberline Yugo (also see Fiat)
BAB CIB ESP Guerville Riquier Keso MBM Penn Securital Titan Yvel
Baja Cimatti Essendia Hafele Keya MCC Perino Security Manufacturing Corp Titano YWS
Baldwin Cisa Estlock Hager KI McGunn Peripoli Securkey Tok Zadi
Bargman Citroen Etna Hanomagh Kia MCM Perko Segal Tokaj Rika Zaz
Basco City Eunos Hardcraft Kiekert Medeco Peterbilt Seima Tokoz Zeiss-Ikon
Basi CL Euro Elzett Harley Davidson Kiferm ME-FA Peugeot SELECTLOK Tomos Zenith
Basta CL2 Eurolocks Haskell Kimball Melsmetall Peugeot (Cycles) Sentry Top ZOO
Baton Clarks Europlan Hasler Kincrome Menova Pfaffenhain Sepa Toro  
Batu Clausor Eurospace Haworth Kirk Mercedes Piaggio Sermec Touch  
Bauer CMC Eurospec Hekna Kissel Mercury Picard Serraller Toyota  
BDS CNHTC Evinrude Helix KITman Meridian Pinnicle Shaw Walker Trabant  
Beach Cole EVVA Heller Enterprises Knaack Merit PJ Showa Trelock  
Beaver Cole Hersee Excalibre Henderson Knapheid Merkur Plymouth Siam TriMark  
Bedford Coleman Ezcurra Hercules Knoll Meroni Poclain Sias TrioVing  
Beechcraft Colomenca E-Z-SET Herman Miller Kobalt Metal Polaris Sidchrome Triumph  
Bellville Conforti F.I.C. Herring-Hall-Marvin Kodai Metal Rousseau Pollak Sideral Triumph (Cycles)  
Benelli Corbin Faab Hinaka Kolb Metalcastelli Pontiac Simca Trolese  
Bentley Corbin Cabinet Lock FAB Hino Truck Komatsu Meteor Porsche Simeca Tru Guard  
Beram CorbinRusswin FAC Hitchlock Konsmetal MG Potent Simplex TRW-Sipea  
Bertone Corcoran & Riggs FACEA Hobby Kraus and Naimer Mia Prefer Sinotruk TVR  
Best Corni Facef-Domus Hobes Kromer Minda Premier Sipea UAP  
Beta Couch Falcon Holden KTM Mini Presta SIS Uaz  
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